Remote key punch-through on Entone NOVA remotes

If you find your set top box is not turning on when you turn your tv on, you can set your entone remote to control only the power on your TV by following the commands below.  This procedure is for Entone NOVA remote controls. 

  • On the remote, hold setup until the TV LED blinks twice

  • Press 9-7-8

  • Press TV

  • Press Power

  • Press TV

  • Hold setup until the LED blinks twice

Test that this has worked by pressing power.  The LED on your Entone set top box should remain blue when the TV’s power is turned off.  If not, repeat the procedure above.  If this still does not work, please call our support line at 519-395-3800 option 2.

This procedure can be used to send commands to specific devices, for example a sound bar can be set to be controlled by pressing AUX instead of TV and the VOL +/- keys instead of power.  You must program the remote to control the additional devices, instructions can be found in the documents and resources section of the support website.