Television - Changing picture format on Entone Set Top Box

How to adjust the picture format on your Entone Set Top Box:

If you find that standard definition programs do not fill the whole screen, or would like to change the video output format to fit an older CRT or “picture tube” tv, you can do so from the user menu.  To enter this menu, press “Input” followed by “Menu” – don’t press these together, press them separately.   These buttons are located in different places depending on the remote you own – on the HuronTel Enhanced remote, the input button is located at the top beside the “watch TV” button, and on the Entone remote, it’s located beside the 0 on the number pad.  When pressed, you will be presented with the following menu:

Scroll down until you find the “Aspect Ratio” option and press “OK”,  Using the up and down directional buttons you will be able to select from the following picture formats:

The 16:9 formats work best with high definition televisions, and the 4:3 formats are intended for use with “picture tube” televisions.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, scroll down until you reach “Submit” and press “OK”, followed by “Exit”:

It may take several different attempts to find the correct format.  If you cannot find a setting that suits your needs, you may need to check the picture format menu in your television’s options, and this will vary from brand to brand.  Refer to you television’s owner’s manual for further information about that. 

If you need further assistance, please call 519-395-3800 and select option 3 for television support.