Remote Not Turning the Set Top Box Receiver On/Off

Remote Not Turning the Set Top Box Receiver On/Off.

1) Ensure the Set Top Box is powered on and shows an indicator light indicating power

2) Press the white STB button at the top of your remote. If the light blinks under your finger, then try the guide button to see if it comes up. If not, proceed to step 3.

3) Remove the batteries out of the back of the remote.

4) Check the springs and contact for corrosion and or damage. If you find corrosion or damage bring the remote into our office.

5) If the contacts look fine. Replace the batteries and start at step 2.

6) Make sure there are no objects between the Set Top Box and the remote. Any object can block the signal from the remote, even glass.

7) If all else fails bring us the remote to test.