Switching inputs on TV

How To Cycle Through Your TVs Video Inputs.

Newer televisions have multiple inputs so you can connect more than one device at a time. If your TV is on the wrong input, you may see static or snow on the screen, or a message saying “ No Signal”. To solve this problem, you can try the following:

1) Make sure the set top box receiver is turned on

2) Press the ' TV ' button on the remote control provided by Hurontel

3) Press the 'AV ' or ' TV/VIDEO ' button on the remote. The input on the TV should change. Keep pressing AV or TV/VIDEO until you are on the desired input. If you see a list of inputs when you press the AV/TV VIDEO button, select the proper input by using the arrow keys on the remote. Press ' OK ' on the desired input.

4) Press the ' STB ' button on the remote before attempting to change channels or use the guide.

* Not all Televisions will allow the remote to change inputs. If you are unable to change the input with the Hurontel remote, you could try looking for an "INPUT" , "SOURCE" , or "AV" button on the original remote that came with your television. This should allow you to change inputs.

* There should also be buttons on the television itself that will allow you to change the input. Every TV is different, so try looking for them on the front, sides, or top of the TV.

* If you are using an older TV with only one input, make sure the TV is on channel 3, or 4.