Poor line quality

Poor Line Quality.

Follow these steps if you are experiencing any issues with your phone line, such as: static, echo, or volume distortion.

• If you are on our DSL internet service, all phones/fax machines that are connected to a phone jack in the house should have a filter on it. A filter is a little white or grey box that plugs into the phone jack with a port for your phone to plug into it. You may have a splitter on the jack, which will split it into 2 or more ports. If it is labelled what port is for the modem and what port is for the phone then it already has a built in filter. If it is not labelled, you will need to attach a filter to one port and connect the phone to the filter. MODEM DOES NOT USE A FILTER

• If you have checked all phones and they have filters, then it could be that one of the filters are faulty. You can start by removing one phone and its filter at a time to see if the issue disappears.

• If you remove a phone and filter and the issue goes away, than swap that filter. If swapping the filter doesn’t fix the problem then it would be an issue with that phone device.

• Continue until all phones and devices are unplugged.

• If there is still a issue after everything is removed from the phone lines/phone jacks, connect a phone and please dial *611 for phone repair.

• If you are a Fibre To The Home (FTTH) customer or do not have the DSL service, test by removing one phone device at a time to see if the issue disappears.

• If the issue disappears, then that device is faulty. If the issue does not, please call our Repair Line 519-395-2611.