General - How to power cycle your modem

Powercycling Your Modem.

1) First you will need to locate the modem. This is the box with green lights on the front of it, which you had received from us.

Once you find the modem, unplug the black power cable off the back of the box. All the lights should go out.

Wait about 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Once the power cable is plugged back into the modem the light should start to come back on.

The Power light will become solid right away. Once the adsl link light or status light (depending on your brand of modem) is solid green your modem should have a connection.

If the modem shows a connection, you can now try and reconnect to the internet.

If the adsl link or status light does not become solid after power cycling you can try it again.

8) If modem still fails to get a connection, please contact our Internet Support 1-877-395-3800 x 2.