Setup - Hooking up a DSL modem


Connecting Your DSL Modem.

How to connect your Modem to your computer:

1) Plug a telephone cord (preferably 4 – 6ft in length) directly from the wall jack into the back of the modem. In the case the modem has two phone ports, make sure its plugged into the one that says “To Wall Jack” or “Line”.

2) Put phone filters on ALL the remaining jacks in the house that have phone devices plugged into them. This includes telephones, fax machines, security systems, or any other device that connects to a phone jack other than the modem. The filter plugs into the jack, then the phone device plugs into the filter.

3) Take the Ethernet cable (typically yellow) and plug it into the back of the modem in the Lan port (the only one big enough to fit this cable).

4) IF you own your own router (D-link, Linksys, Belkin etc):

a. Plug the other end of the yellow cable into the INTERNET or WAN port in the back of your router. Then connect another Ethernet cable from the numbered ports in the back of the router into the back of the computer tower.


b. Plug the other end of the yellow cable into the computer tower.

5) Plug in the power on the modem and wait for it to obtain a connection. Generally the “ADSL Link” or “Status” light will go solid if the modem is able to connect. If you have a router, power it on after the modem has obtained connection.