Connectivity - Cannot connect to the internet

Can't Connect To The Internet.

1) Check to ensure that the power is connected to all network devices (Modem if present, router, ethernet hub/switch)

2) Ensure cables are connected properly between devices If you do not have a router:

- If you have a Comtrend modem, ensure the POWER, ADSL LINK and LAN LINK lights are on
- If you have a Paradyne modem, ensure POWER, STATUS and LAN lights are on
- If you have wireless internet, ensure power and ethernet are connected to device provided by HuronTel

If the ADSL Link or STATUS lights on the modem are off:

- Ensure that the "Line" jack has a telephone cable connected directly to the telephone jack at the wall
- Ensure that all telephones or any devices connected to your phone lines (satellite receivers, POS machines, etc) have inline filters attached
- If you have more than one telephone line, make sure ADSL modem is connected to the correct line
- Ensure your telephone service is working. If you have dialtone, plug a telephone into the line that your DSL modem connects to. If you have no dialtone, contact your local service provider's telephone repair line.

If you have Windows XP:

Check to make sure your computer's PPPoE connection is connected:

- Click "Start"
- Click "Connect To"
- Select Hurontel
- Click "Connect"

If you have Windows Vista/7:

Check to make sure your computer's PPPoE connection is connected:

- Click "Start"
- Click "Connect To"
- Click "Hurontel" or "Broadband Connection"
- Click "Connect"

Other things to check:

Is your browser set to "work offline"?
- Click File
- If there is a check beside "work offline", uncheck it

Try again Is your network card disabled?
- Click Start
- Click "Connect To"
- Click "Show All Connections"
- Right click on "Local area connection" then click on "Enable"

Is your router configred properly?
- Refer to the instruction manual to check the router's configuration. Some routers have an indicator light on it to indicate the connectivity status.
- Internet support can assist you with this. I've checked all of the above, but still can't get online.

Feel free to call Internet Support. Our telephone number is 519-395-3800 x2.