Windows 7 PPPoE


HuronTel Windows 7 Internet Configuration Guide - PPPoE


  1. Close all program windows and start from the desktop.  Click on Start -> Control Panel.

  2. Click on Network and Internet.

  3. Click Network and Sharing Center.

  4. Click Setup a new connection or network in the Change you network settings sector.

  5. Click Connect to the Internet and click NEXT.

  6. Select Broadband and click NEXT.

  7. Enter your username and password into the appropriate boxes. Remember to turn your CAPS LOCK off, and use the TAB key to move between boxes. Do not press ENTER or you will lose information.

             USERNAME:            ______________________

            PASSWORD:             ______________________

  8. Enter the connection name as HuronTel then click Connect.  The computer should attempt to connect.

  9. Go to for email setup instructions.

    For Technical assistance, call our Support Line.  (519) 395-3800 or (519) 529-3800

    If you cannot dial either 519-395, 519-529 or 519-371 locally, please contact our Support Line for your local dial-up number.

    Support Hours:

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