Setup - MacOS X PPPoE Setup


Macintosh OS X PPPoE Configuration For High Speed Users


  1. Click the Apple in the upper left, and then select System Preferences from the drop-down menu. 


  2. Click the Network icon. 

  3. From the Show drop-down menu, select your ethernet device. 

  4. Click the PPPoE tab. 

  5. Select the Connect using PPPoE option. 

  6. In the Service Provider field, enter HuronTel. 

  7. Leave the PPPoE Service Name field blank. 

  8. In the Account Name field, if you are a ADSL Customer, type your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    If you are a Wireless High Speed or DSL Customer located in Ripley, Dungannon or Goderich, just type your username (without the 

  9. In the Password field, enter your HuronTel password. 

  10. Select the Save Password option. 

  11. Click on the PPPoE Options... button for more options. 


    Note: Setting the field Disconnect if idle for x minutes is not needed. There are no ramifications/extra charges for leaving the connection active, and most customers prefer to have their DSL always on. It is probably best to leave this selection disabled. 

  12. Click the OK button. 

  13. Click the Save button to finish.

  14. Open your web browser-you should be connected automatically. If you experience problems, please call 1-877-395-3800.