General - How to change your wireless security key on a DLINK router:


How to change your wireless security key on a DLINK router:


If you’ve forgotten what your wireless password is, and are unable to retrieve it from a connected computer, you will need to reset it using the router’s web interface.  To do this, open internet explorer, firefox or chrome and navigate to – you will be prompted to log into your wireless router – usually there is no password set but if you’ve entered a password into your router, key it into password and click “Log In”



Click on Wireless Settings:



Click on “Manual Wireless Connection Setup”:



Depending on the software version your router is running, this page may appear slightly different.  Change the security mode (highlighted in green) to “WPA-Personal”.  This may also be labelled “Enable WPA/WPA2 Wireless security (enhanced)”.  Leave the WPA section as default (highlighted in red), and key in your security key in the section highlighted in blue.  The security key will need to be at least 8 letters & numbers long.  Make a note of his password for future reference.



Once you are satisfied with your changes, click “Save Settings”, located at the top of the page:



Once the router has restarted, you will need to reconnect to your wireless network on any device that is currently connected.  In order to do this, you may need to delete any saved network settings.  This can be accessed by clicking your start button, then “Control Panel”.


Open the network and sharing center, locate “Manage Wireless Networks” listed in the “Network Tasks” menu on the left side of the window.  Locate your wireless network, right click on it and click “remove”.  Reconnect to your wireless network using your new security key.