General - Restoring your DLINK router settings from saved backup

Restoring your DLINK router settings from saved backup

If you have recently had a power flicker and find that your internet is not working, it’s likely that your router’s settings have been factory reset.  If we helped you set it up, we would have helped you save a copy of the settings to your computer.  This document will show you how to restore these settings.


To restore the settings, do the following from a computer plugged into one of your router’s LAN ports:


Open a browser and navigate to

You will need to log in with your router’s default username and password.  In most cases the username is admin and there is no password.

Once logged in, click on Tools:

Click on System:




Click on “Browse” beside “Load from Local Hard Drive”:

Navigate to where your router configuration has been saved and click “Restore from Configuration File”.  The router will load your previously saved settings then reboot – this may take a few minutes.  Once rebooted your internet will start working again.

If it does not, please call 519-395-3800 option 2 for Internet Support.