Changing the connection mode on your router

Changing the Connection Mode on your router

 There are two connection modes on most routers. Having your router set correctly will ensure the internet is always on and working. Some settings can cause the internet to disconnect.

 Step 1. Connect to your router

 Do this by connecting to your Wi-Fi network or by connecting an Ethernet cord from your computer, to your router. If you have internet access right now, you can skip this step.

 Step 2. Log into the router

Browse to the IP or URL of your router and log in with the username and password that were set up on it. The person who initial set up the router would have chosen this login info or left it as the default. If you are stuck at this step, please see our other document first that is titled: “Logging into your router”.

Step 3. Find the Internet Settings

For most routers, you will see a section for the internet that could be under the title “Internet”, “Internet Settings”, “WAN”, or “Connectivity”. Select this to open your internet settings and see the connection mode.

Step 4. Change the Connection Mode

If you see a setting on this page called “Redial Period” or “Maximum Idle Time”, please change that setting to 0 if possible. Otherwise, leave it as is.

In the area titled “Connection Mode” or “Reconnect Mode” then you should see the options for “Always On” or “Connect on Demand” or “Keep Alive”. They can be slightly different, but one of them will keep the connection active at all times while the other connects when it needs to. Please select the connection mode that will keep your connection active, usually it will be “Always On”. If you are not sure, please call our support department at 519-395-3800 option 2.