Connectivity - PPPoE setup - Windows 10

Windows 10 Broadband (PPPoE) Setup



If you are not using a router, you will need to setup a PPPoE connection on your computer in order to get online.


  • Find your networking icon which is often located in the bottom right corner of the screen

  • Right click on the icon and then select “Open Network & Internet Settings”


  • Select “Dialup” from the left. Although Windows puts Broadband under this category, it is not limited to dialup speeds. Click “Set up a new connection”.

  • Select “Connect to the Internet” on this window

  • If you see this option, choose “No, create a new connection”

  • Select “Broadband”

  • Fill in your Hurontel PPPoE Username and Password and click “Connect”. If you do not know this information you can call support at 519-395-3800 x2 for assistance.