E-Mail - Outlook 2016 IMAP Setup Instructions

IMAP Email Set Up on Microsoft Outlook 2016

To add your email account to Outlook 2016 follow the steps below:

You need to have a working internet connection for the account to add successfully.

Open Outlook 2016 and click on File in the top left.

Click the Account Settings square, then click Account Settings again.

Click on New when on the Email tab.

Click the bullet point at the bottom then click Next.

Select the POP or IMAP bullet and click Next.

Copy the Server information on the left side and be sure to select IMAP as the Account Type. Make sure the Check Box is checked in the bottom left. Then click More Settings.

Click on the Outgoing Server tab and click the top check box.

Then click the Advanced tab and copy the settings on this image. Once finished, click OK.

Now click Next on this window.

Once the Test Account Settings is finished click Close.

*If the Send test email message failed, make sure the settings on the previous page are all correct and that you are connected to a working internet connection.*

Click Finish and the email set up is complete.