E-mail - Thunderbird POP3 e-mail setup

Installing and setting up Mozilla Thunderbird for POP3 use:

If you have not done so already, download and install Thunderbird from http://www.mozilla.org/thunderbird

Open Thunderbird, you should be prompted to add and account.  If not, click on “Tools” followed by “Account Settings”:

Fill in the fields below – Your Name will be the name others will see when they receive mail from you, e-mail address and password.  If you are unsure what your password is, please contact technical support.  Click Continue when done.

Mozilla will try to automatically configure and should find the settings in the window below, however the incoming mail server name will need to be changed to mail.hurontel.on.ca.  Switch the account type from IMAP to POP3.  If you wish to use IMAP mail service, you can enable it through our web portal or by calling our office.  Click “Manual Config” to update the incoming server settings:

Change the incoming server from pop3.hurontel.on.ca to mail.hurontel.on.ca and make sure all the other settings match what’s displayed below.  You username should auto populate, and is always the start of your e-mail address up to the @ sign, in this case email.user – if it’s different, you can correct it here:

Once finished, click done.  You can now start enjoying your new e-mail account!