Setting up scheduled and series recordings

Setting up scheduled and series recordings.

Recording on your PVR There are 2 ways to setup recordings:

From the on-screen guide:

If you can find the program you wish to record in the guide you can simply select that program and choose the option for scheduling a recording, record program will record just the one instance of that show, series recording will schedule every time that program airs. For series recordings there are some options that you can configure once the event is created, select the program again and choose the option for edit series recording, here you can select if you want the program to start early or end late, you can also setup the event to only record new episodes of a program, as well as setup a limit of how many instances of a particular program the STB will store.

Manual scheduling:

From the PVR menu select Schedule Event, the STB then gives you options to set for time, channel, duration, type(do not change) and frequency(single-one time, weekly-one day every week, M-F – every weekday, or Everyday)

Managing the recording schedule:

There may be times which there are multiple recordings scheduled at the same time, the PVR then schedules events based on priority, you can adjust the priority of a scheduled event from the PVR menu, select schedule priority, all scheduled events will be listed in priority sequence, with highest priority at the top, if more than 2 things are scheduled to record at the same time the 2 events with the highest priority will be recorded and the other events will be discarded.