Business Calling Features

1 Feature   $7.00/month
2 Feature Package Select any 2 features below and receive a reduced rate!* $10.50/month
3 Feature Package Select any 3 features below and receive a reduced rate!* $13.00/month
Call Name Display When you receive a call, the name of the person calling you is shown on your Caller ID display. Setup Instructions
Call Number Display When you receive a call, the number of the person calling you is shown on your Caller ID display. Setup Instructions
Call Forwarding* Have your calls follow you to another number. You can change the number you are forwarding to remotely as an option. Setup Instructions
Call Transfer* Allows you to redirect the call to another number after answering the call.
*Choose Call Forwarding OR Call Transfer.

HuronTel puts you in control with our extensive selection of calling features. Caller Name/Number Display lets you know who is calling before you pick up... and our very own Call Answering service eliminates the need for your clunky, old answering machine! Don't forget Find Me - if you need to stay in touch, it is the ultimate tool!

Individual Phone Features
1+ Call Blocking All 1+ Calls are blocked unless the subscriber's PIN (programmed by you) is entered when making the call. Setup Instructions
Anonymous Call Callers who have blocked their number from being displayed will be played an announcement. All other numbers will be routed normally. Setup Instructions
Call Return Get through to busy numbers as soon as they are free. If you call someone and their line is busy, dial *66 and your phone will ring when the party you had called is no longer on their line. Setup Instructions
Automatic Recall If you could not get to the phone in time, you can still find out who called. Return the call by dialing *69. Setup Instructions
Call Answering Can't get to the telephone or busy on another call? Then Call Answering is for you! It's an answering service that works with your existing touch tone telephone. Setup Instructions
Call Forwarding Have your calls follow you to another number. You can change the number you are forwarding to remotely as an option. Setup Instructions
Call Forward No Answer Whenever you cannot answer, forward your calls to someone who can. Setup Instructions
Call Waiting Call waiting alerts you to a call coming in on your line when you are already on the phone. You can place the existing call on hold, take the second call, and even toggle from one call to another. Setup Instructions
Customer Originated Trace** When you receive a harassing phone call, you can simply dial a code to trace the source of that call for the telephone company. Setup Instructions
Distinctive Ringing / Call Waiting When you make a special list of callers, your phone uses a distinctive ring to announce calls from any of those numbers. If you also have Call Waiting, you will hear a special Call Waiting tone. Setup Instructions
Distinctive Ringing / Teen Line / Ident-a-call Two separate phone numbers can be assigned to your home telephone line. Use one number for the parents, and a separate number for the children. The telphone rings differently for each number so you know who the call is for before it is answered. Setup Instructions
Family Mailbox Family Mailbox allows you to have more than one call answer mailbox in your household or business. Each person has a separate mailbox with a separate password. This service comes standard with 2 mailboxes, additional mailboxes are $2/month extra. Setup Instructions
Find Me Use Find Me to integrate your home, office and wireless phones to allow your callers to reach you no matter where you are. Setup Instructions
On Demand Conference Calling* Conduct meetings over the phone! No more long trip/mileage expenses. Pay no monthly fee and pay only for what you use. Setup Instructions
Selective Call Acceptance You can program your phone to accept only those calls from a special list of numbers. Setup Instructions
Selective Call Forwarding You can program your phone to forward only those calls from a special list of numbers to another number such as your car phone. All other calls will ring normally. Setup Instructions
Selective Call Rejection You can program your telephone to reject calls from any number you place in your rejection list. All other callswill ring through as usual. Setup Instructions
Speed Calling 30 You can program up to 30 telephone numbers-local or long distance-into your Speed Calling List. Then you can reach these people by dialing just 2 digits. Setup Instructions
3 Way Calling Talk with 2 people in different places at the same time. When you are talking with someone, you can add a third party to the call. Setup Instructions
Unified Messaging NEW! Have your fax messages delivered to you as email attachments-or your Call Answer messages delivered as sound attachments! Includes your own fax number. Setup Instructions

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*Some restrictions may apply.
*On Demand Conference Calling has no monthly fee. Billing is based on each conference call made. Calls are rated at $5.00/per call, 11 cents a minute per attendee. **$10 limit per month.


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