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Family Trees

Family Trees


A01 Aberhart Family Tree And Descendents of William Aberhart 1844-1910

A15 Aberhart History & Descendants of Wm. Aberhart

A18 Adcock The Adcock Family of Middlesex County

A22 Aikenhead James Aikenhead & his Descendants

A02 Aitken -Wilson -Moss Family Tree of Aitken-Wilson-Moss (1972)

A03 Aitken Our Aitken Family Tree (1992)

A17 Aldrich Descendants of Moses and Abigail (Williams) Aldrich

A04 Aldworth Aldworth Family

A13 Allan The Allan Family Tree

A05 Allin Allin Family Charts

A06 Alton Daniel and Agnes (Ruttle) Alton 1847-1983

A07 Ament - Kabel Ament/Kabel Family Bible Pages

A14 Anderson Thomas Anderson

A20 Anderson Anderson Family History

A08 Andrew The Andrew Family

A10 Andrews The Andrews Family: "The Spirit Lives On" 1777-1997

A09 Andrews Family Record of Hezekiah and Yatty (Earls) Andrews

A16 Andrews Family Records of Hezekiah & Yatty (Earls) Andrews Rev. 1999

A19 Angst Angst Family Tree

A24 Angus Our Angus Herotage

A23 Anstett Anstett

A11 Arbuckles The Arbuckles of East Wawanosh

A12 Arkell The Descendants of John Arkell

A21 Armstrong Descendants of Rainey Armstrong

B01a Bagshaw Descendants of William and Sarah (Bolton) Bagshaw

B01 Bagshaw Charts of Descendants of William and Sarah (Bolton) Bagshaw

B37 Bailie Descendants of William Bailie

B45 Bain Story of the Bain Clan

B02 Baker Harry Baker: My Memoirs

B03 Baker The Robert Baker Story

B38 Bannister -Freeman The Chainmakers - History of the Bannister & Freeman Family

B32 Barber Barber

B41 Barr Descendants of James Barr

B04 Barrett The Barrett Newsletters 1980-1984

B05 Barrows The Barrows Family 1702-1995

B06 Barton Abijah and Elizabeth Ann (Wright) Barton Charts

B07 Beacom A History of the Beacoms

B08 Beacom Robert and Maria Beacom

B10 Beadle - Bedell Beadle/Bedell Family

B09 Beadle - Bedell Beadle/Bedell Family

B39 Becker Biographical History of the Becker Family

B11 Bedard History of Joseph Bedard's Family

B12 Bedard Simon and Marguerite (Chalifour) Bedard Descendants

B47 Belden Belden Roots

B13 Bell The Bell Family Tree - Part 1

B14 Bell The Bell Family Tree " Part 2

B36 Bennett Captain John 'Jack' Bennett 1916 - 2001

B48 Bettger The Bettger Family Story

B15 Bielby The Bielby Family History From 1728 to 1992

B31 Blake Blake Letters

B44 Blakeman Blakeman Genealogy

B17 Bogie- Manning James & Agnes (Reid) Bogie/Lawrence & Alice (Stevens) Manning

B42 Bowerman & Tom Bowerman & Tom, Charts, Obituaries & Pictures

B43 Boyd - Sparling Thomas Boyd & Elizabeth Sparling

B18 Bradford Descendants of Robert Bradford

B19 Brine James Brine of The Tolpuddle Martyrs

B21 Broadfoot Clan Broadfoot - Volume 2

B23 Broadfoot Clan Broadfoot - Volume 4

B27 Broadfoot Broadfoot Charts " Book 3

B28 Broadfoot Broadfoot Charts - Book 4

B22 Broadfoot Clan Broadfoot - Volume 3

B25 Broadfoot Broadfoot Charts - Book 1

B26 Broadfoot Broadfoot Charts - Book 2

B40 Broadfoot Hands Across the Sea 1834 - 2004

B20 Broadfoot Clan Broadfoot - Volume 1

B24 Broadfoot Broadfoot and Box Furniture Store

B29 Brooks Christopher and Alice Brooks

B33 Brotherston Brotherston

B46 Brown The Browns

B34 Brownlee A Brief History of the Brownlee Family

B30 Bushell Bushell Family History 1792-1992

C38 Caesar Descendants of James Caesar

C01a Calder A Calder Family Lineage

C01 Calder A Calder Family Lineage

C22 Caldwells Caldwells Through the Years

C02 Callaway/Kellaway Callaway/Kellaway of Huron County

C04 Cantelons Cantelons; France to Huron

C21 Cardiff Family History of Mark & Marg. Cardiff

C05 Carey The Family of Lucius Carey of Goderich, 1820-1884

C03 Carfrey CarfreyA. Cann: His Life

C35 Carter Carter Families

C33 Carter George Carter Family

C31 Carter William Carter

C34 Carter Carter Families

C37 Cartwright Descendants of John Cartwright

C32 Casemore Descendents of William Casemore

C47 Casemore Descendants of Hugh James Casemore & Roseannah May Cook

C47 Casemore/Kepler Descendants of Hugh James Casemore & Roseannah May Kepler

C06 Cavin Ellice Martin Cavin and Family

C27 Chapman The Chapman Family: William & Mary (Saunders) Chapman -2 vol.

C42 Chappel Our Chappel Family History

C29 Charlton Ancestors of Francis Charlton (Chart)

C28 Chisholm Myth & Reality The Chisholm Family in Elgin County

C07 Christie Descendants of W. Duncan Christie

C08 Christie Descentants of Charles and Mary Jane (Howey) Christie

C44 Churchill The Churchill Family of Hurom County

C45 Clark

Diary of John Clark 1924 - 1942

C19 Clarke Clarke Family History

C09 Clarke James and Mary Ann (McPhee) Clarke

C43 Cloakey Our Cloakey Family

C10 Cluff Cluff Family

C11 Clutton Genealogy and Family History of William Clutton 1675-1732

C12 Cober Cober Genealogy

C13 Coleman Robert and Francis Coleman

C46 Cook William Cook and His Wives

C25 Cooper Robert and Marg't (Miller) Cooper

C14 Cornish The Cornish Family Tree

C40 Corries Descendants of James Corrie

C26 Courtney James Henry Courtney & His Descendants 1818 - 2001

C15 Coutts The Family History of Robert Coutts 1S43-1993

C16 Cowie The North American Descendants of William Cowie; Vol. 1

C17 Cowie The North American Descendants of William Cowie; Vol. 2

C39 Crawford Descendants od William Crawford

C18 Crich The History of the Crich Family

C30 Croft Genealogy of the Croft Family

C24 Crooks Crooks Family Tree of Huron County

C36 Cullen John and Susannah Cullen

C41 Cunningham Cunninghams

C20 Curtis - Swales Curtis & Swales Families In East Yorkshire & Canada

C23 Cuthbertson John And Elizabeth (Murdoch) Cuthbertson

D28 Daly The Daly Family History

D14 Dark Dark Family Pedigree

D01A Davidson Them Kids of Harry - The Davidson Roots

D02 Davidson Davidson Society of Canada Newsletter

D01 Davidson Abraham and Martha Davidson

D30 Dean & Shea Descendants of Owen Dean & May Shea

D25 Deeves Descendants of John Deeves

D03 Denomme Our French Canadian Ancestry; Denomme 1631-19S2

D04 Denomme Our French Canadian Ancestry; Denomme 1631-1990

D23 Detweiler Descendents of Gregorius Detweiler

D18 Devereux Chronology of John and Elenor Devereux

D05 Dick Descendants of Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth (Schaeffer) Dick

D06 Dicksons The Dicksons In North America 1833-1982

D17 Disney - Grant Disney and Grant Families

D19 Dobie Decendants of James and Agnes (Brown) Dobie

D07 Donely - Bowyer Donely/Bowyer Families

D08 Donnelly The Donnelly Tragedy 1880-1980

D21 Dorrance The History of the Dorrance Famuly 1822 - 2000 Rev. 2001

D16 Down - Woolridge Descendants of Down & Woolridge

D09 Dowzer Descendants of Michael Dowzer 1804-1867

D10 Dreany Descendants of Henry Dreany 1795-1875

D11 Driver Driver Family

D15 Duffield Duffield Family

D20 Duffield A Duffield History

D29 Dunbar Dunbar

D27 Dunlop Dunlop Family Tree

D24 Dunlop From Greenock to Goderich The Dunlops of Gairbraid

D26 Dunlop Descendants of High Dunlop

D22 Dunlop Descendants of Robert Dunlop

D12 Dupuis Nathan Fellowes Dupuis and His Family

D13 Dyer - Buswell Dyer-Buswell Families

E01 Eagles Eagles Families of North America

E04 Eccleston George Eccleston: Meet Me at the Lakeview Casino

E06 Egmond Egmond

E02 Elders The Elders of West Calder

E09 Elliott The Elliott Families From Fermanagh

E07 Elliott Photos of William Elliott Family

E05 Elliott - Turner Descendents of James Elliott

E03 England Descendants of the Late Eliza England of Mountrath, Queen County,Ireland

E08 Evarts Ancestry of Patricia "Trish" Moore Evarts

F01 Falconer Redpath and Ann Falconer

F26 Farrow Descendants of Martin & William Farrow

F02 Feagan Feagan Family History 1836-1981

F19 Fee The Decendants of Edwardc Fee Sr.

F15 Fenwick The Fenwick Family Genealogy

F03 Ferguson Duncan Ferguson of Yarmouth

F04 Ferguson Descendants of John and Agnes (Angus) Ferguson

F05 Ferrier Genealogy of David and Elizabeth (Butts) Ferrier

F06 Ferrier Genealogy of David and Elizabeth (Butts) Ferrier

F25 Finlay Finlat of Ashfield Township

F21 Finlayson Finlayson

F09 Fischer Fischer Family History (Revised)

F08 Fischer Fischer's: Germany to Huron County

F07 Fischer Jacob Fischer c. 1743-May 11, 1827

F09 Fischer Fischer Family History

F9A Fischer Supplement to Fischer Family History

F23 Fischer The Christopher Fischer Files

F10 Flynn The Flynn Family Tree

F24 Folland Descendents of Thomas Folland

F17 Ford - Blake George Ford and Richard Blake

F20 Forrest The Forrests (Stanley Twp.)

F16 Forrest George Forrest

F11 Forrests The Forrests (Stanley Township)

F27 Forsyth The Forsyth Family

F28 Foster/Hunter Descendants of Joseph Hunyrt

F18 Fraser Descendants of John Fraser

F12 Freeman Freeman Footnotes Vol. 4 (1984)

F13 Freeze Willim Freeze and His Descendants

F22 Fry The Saxon Origins I Fry Families

F14 Fyfe A History of the John Fyfe Family

G01 Galbraith Galbraith Settlers

G21 Gardner Gardner Familt Tree Report - Ashfield Township

G02 Gerrie Gerrie Family Charts

G07 Gilders The Gilders, lewis, Postlethwaite, Weibeck, Gottsckalk & Holz Families

G16 Girvin Ancestors of John Girvin

G19 Glasgow Family Tree

G12 Gledhill Ward Gledhill of Benmiller

G03 Good - Govier Good and Govier Roots

G20 Goodins Goodings & Marltons 1826 - 1882

G04 Gordon - Lowry The Gordons and the Lowrys

G05 Gormon The Gormon Family of Stanley Township

G13 Graham The Biography of Pilot David J. Graham

G14 Graham The Graham Family Tree: Edward & Ada (Hand) Graham

G08 Graham Robert J. Graham, Autobiography: For God Country & the Church in Canada

G15 Graham Robert John & Ellen Marie (Love) Graham

G18 Green Descendents of Edward Green

G06 Greenway Thomas Greenway

G09B Greenway The Family of the Hon. Thomas Greenway, MPP 1838 - 1909

G09A Greenway The Family of the Hon. Thomas Greenway, MPP 1838 - 1908

G11 Gregson John Gregson Pedigree

G10 Grieve William & Son James Grieve

G17 Gross/Plaetzer The Gross and Plaetzer Families

H21 Habkirk Wm. Habkirk and His Wandering Descendants

H01 Hackett Andrew and Jane Hackett Family

H02 Hackett Joseph and Ellen Hackett Family

H03 Hagyard Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth (Longman) Hagyard

H15 Hall, McKercher ... Family History of the Hall, McKercher, Sparling, Murdie & Stewart Families

H18 Hamilton Rev. George Hamilton

H20 Hand - Graham Ada Elizabeth Hand and Edward Graham

H04 Hanford Our Handford Family 1808-1987

H31 Hanlon & Blake Descendants of Felix Hanlon & Catherine Blake

H28 Hardy Hardy Family Genealogy 1752 - 2007

H16 Hargan The Hargan Lineage: John & Mary (Cluff) Hargan

H05 Harris Harris Family Tree

H06 Hayter Hayter Family

H19 Heimbecker Heimbecker Family Tree: John & Matilda (Myers) Heimbecker

H29 Henry Descendants of Simon Henry

H07 Herman The Herman Family

H24 Hern Hearn/Hern Family 1720 - 2003

H08 Hession Hession's of Clinton, Ontario and Ireland

H09 Hewitt - Anderson Hewitt-Anderson Family Charts

H10 Hill - McDougall The Hill's and McDougall's In Manitoba

H23 Hillock Ancestors of Olive Beatrice Hillock

H22 Hillock Ancestors of Francis Hillock

H11 Hingston - Hall The Hingston-Hall Family Tree

H26 Hodden Hodden Family

H14 Hogan Thomas & Mary Ann (Austin) Hogan Families

H17 Holmes Old' John Holmes and His Descendants

H12 Hood Family History ofWm. Hood 1834-1922

H13 Horney Descendants of William and Henry Horney

H25 Horton Horton Familt, The

H32 Hoskin & Kestle Hoskin Family

H27 Humber Family Sleuthing

H30 Hutchison From Ayrshie, Scotlamd to Canada

H33 Hutton/McDonell Mary Jane Hutton M.D. & Charles A McDonell

I03 Imlay Descendants of Patrick Imlay

I04 Irvine Arnold Irvine Pedigree

I01 Irwin Mckenzie Salmon Life ofWm. Jos. Irwin, Annie McKenzie, Harry Salmon of Muskoka

I05 Ivison/Edgar Album for Family of William Ivison & Fannie Edgar

I02 Ivison Descendants of Henry Ivison

J24 Jackman Jackman - The Emigrant Ancestors of a Lt. Governor of Ontario

J01 Jackman Henry N.R. Jackman: His Emigrant Ancestors

J02 Jackson The Story of John and Hannah Jackson

J21 Jarvis The History of Edwin & Eliza (Emack) Jarvis & Their Descendants

J23 Jarvis Jarvis Ancestry

J29 Jenkins John Jenkins & Lucinda Hackett

J03 Jenkins William Jenkins Family Charts

J25 Jenkins The Great Leap Westward

J04 Jenkins William Jenkins Family Charts

J27 Jervis Jervis & Tebbett

J05 Jervis The Jervis Clan

J06 Jewell The Jewell Family Tree - 1971 Edition

J07 Jewell The Jewell Family Tree - 1971 Edition

J22 John The Johns Family Tree

J11 Johnston The Johnstons

J13 Johnston George Carswell Johnston Notebook 1916-1919 Notebook

J14 Johnston Rural Rhymes of Love - Wm. Henry Johnston

J15 Johnston Rural Rhymes of Love - Wm- Henry Johnston

J26 Johnston John Johnston & Elizabeth Nixon

J09 Johnston Johnston1811-1962

J28 Johnston Last Will & Testament - Alex Johnston

J12 Johnston/e Clan Johnston/e In America - Newsletter

J19 Johnston/es The "Gentle" Johnston/es

J08 Johnston The Johnston Journey

J10 Johnston Johnston Family History

J16 Judd William W, and Ruth (Alley) Judd; Collection Index

J20 Jupp George & Jennie (Fallis) Jupp: Pluck & Perseverance

J18 Jupp - Burton Jupp-Burton Families

J17 Jupp Family History of George James and Anne Jane (Fallis) Jupp

K01 Kale John and Johanna (Moore) Kale

K05 Kedslie Descendants of Francis Kedslie

K11 Kedslie Descendants of Andrew Kedslie

K02 Kelly The Kellys: A Family History

K03 Kerr A History of the Kerr Family

K04 Keys The Keys Family

K08 Kleinfeldt Kleinfeldt Family Tree 1862 - 2001

K10 Klock Our German Ancestors

K07 Knechtel Knechtel Family Tree

K06 Knight Charles and Caroline Knight

K09 Knight The Knight Family of Huron County

L01 Ladd John and Jane Ladd Family

L02 Laidlaw The House of Laidlaw

L30 Laird John Laird

L22 Laithwaite The Concrete Staues of Apple Park: A Laithwaite Legacy

L03 Laithwaite George and Mary (Croft) Laithwaite Family Charts

L04 Lambkin Lambkin Family Tree

L06 Lambkin A Lambkin Family Lineage

L05 Lambkin A Lambkin Family Lineage 1730-1989

L32 Lamont Scots on the Move - Lamont Family History

L08 Lamport Lamport Family Picture Album

L07 Lamport Henry and Elizabeth (Clarke) Lamport

L09 Lamport Lamport Family History

L10 Lawson A Lawson Lineage from Huron County

L23 Lawson Descendants of John and Ann (Branscombe) Lawson

L11 Leech Family Tree of Richard and Barbara (Webster) Leech

L12 Lehman Abraham Lehman

L20 Link The Link Family Newsletter- 6 issues

L33 Livermore The Family of Joseph Livermore

L25 Livermore, Churchill Livermore, Churchill, and Tabb Families

L24 Livermore, Churchill Notes on the Livermore, Churchill, Tabb & Morrish Family Connections

L13 Livingstone Livingstone Family

L31 Lizar The Lizars Family of Meadowland

L14 Lobb George and Mary Lobb

L28 Lockwood,Barr,Folland Lockwood

L15 Lomas Elias and Anna Lomas Lineage 1987

L16 Lomas Elias and Anna Lomas Lineage

L18 Longman The Longman Connection: 150 Years

L17 Longman The Longman Connection: 150 Years

L26 Love Hugh and Joanna (Young) Love

L27 Love - Graham Ellen Marie Love and Robert John Graham

L19 Love Samuel and Eliza Love

L21 Lundquist - Wilkinson Lundquist & Wilkinson

L34 Lynn Our Lynn Heritage

L29 Lyon, Hewson Family Pride

B35 MacCleod The Blackhouse Families

M37 Maine - Weber Maine /Weber Pedigree

M01 Mair Mair Family Tree 1820-1978

M70 Mann Descendents of William Mann & Naomi Clark

M69 Mann & Patterson The Descendents of James Mann & Isabella Patterson

M62 Manning William and Grace (Hopkins) Manning Family

M02 Marriott The Marriott Family

M47 Marshall - Crozier Marshall and Crozier

M54 Martin The Martin Familt

M03 Masse Masse Family Tree

M04 Mathers The Mathers Family Tree (Stephen Twp.)

M05 McAsh Clan McAsh 1792-1989

M32 McBrien McBrien Descendants

M64 McCabe Ancestors of Mary Jane McCabe

M39 McCallum Archie McCallum & Fanny Watson A Weavers Pretty Daughter

M40 McCandlish Robert McCandlish

M06 McCann McCann's and Hamilton's Family Tree

M60 McCluskey/McClusky McCluskey/McClusky Families of Goderich Twp.

M07 McCowan The McCowan Family of Stanley Township 1789-1995

M34 McCrae Some McCrae's of Southern Scotland and Ontario

M48 McCurdy Donald McCurdy

M61 McCurdy Archibald and Jennie (Jameson) McCurdy Family

M43 McCurdy Archibald McCurdy & Margaret McCurdy

M72 McCutcheon Genealogy of the Francis McCutcheon Family

M45 McDole McDole Family Tree

M42 McDonald A McDonald Family Lineage: Robert & Mary (Munroe) McDonald

M08 McDonald The McDonald Fmily

M09 McDougall The McDougall Family

M38 McDowell McDowell Pedigree

M46 McGill The McGill Family of Huron County

M10 McGill Richard and Jane (Colgan) McGill Family Tree

M12 McGinnis - McInnes From McGinnis to Mclnnes

M66 McGrath McGrath Family Story

M55 McGregor The History of the McGregor Family 1800 - 2000

M50 McGregor Genealogy Report on the Children of Alexander McGregor

M11 McIlveen Thomas Arthur and Louisa Isabella (Aitken) Mcllveen

M13 McIntyre Mclntyre Family Lineage

M58 McKay McKay Pedigree

M65 McKay/Campbell Family Tree Campbell, McKay

M41 McKellar McKellar Family Tree

M14 McKenzie - Dickson McKenzie and Dickson Fmilies

M67 McKerrows Kennedys, Holders & McKerrows

M15 McKinnon The McKinnon Family Tree

M35 McLauchlin McLauchlin Family History

M16 McLean McLean Family

M17 McLeod James and Sarah (Fisher) McLeod

M18 McMichael McMichael Family

M19 McPherson Clan McPherson of Scotland and Canada

M56 McQuarrie Descendants of John McQuarrie

M68 McQueens Once An Island - Story of McQueens

M20 McVeetys - McVitties The McVeetys and the McVitties

M52 Mellick Mellick Family Tree

M53 Menck Descendants of John Jacob and Mary (Witting) Menck

M57 Mennell Mennell Pedigree

M36 Meyer A Brief History of the Meyer Family

M21 Milnes The Milnes

M22 Miner Harry Garnet Bedford Miner

M59 Mitchell, Higgins, Parr Mitchell, Higgins, Parr and Lawson Book

M23 Mitchell, Higgins, Parr The Mitchell, Higgins, and Parr Book

M71 Moorish The Canadian Moorish Family

M25 Morgan George and Ann (Haskett) Morgan

M49A Morgan The Family of Florence Myrtle Morgan

M49B Morgan The Family of Florence Myrtle Morgan

M24 Morgan The Family of Florence Myrtle Morgan

M73 Morris The Morris Family of Colborne Township

M31 Morrison Descendants of Archibald Morrison Sr.

M51 Morritt Descendants of Benjamin Morritt

M26 Moylan The Moylan Family

M26/02 Moylan The Moylan Family Reunion 2000

M27 Mueller, Muller, Miller Mueller/Muller/Miller of Dashwood

M44 Murphy The Murphy Family Tree

M33 Murray The Fruitful Shepherd, James Murray 1703-1997

M63 Murray William Murray Family

M28 Murray William Murray 1829-1913

M29 Mustard William Mustard

M30 Mutch Genealogy of the Mutch Family

N11 Nash William John Nash IV

N01 Nash - Cooper Nash and Cooper Family Charts

N02 Neeb Neeb Family History

N09 Neill What a Pair of Hands Can Do

N08 Neill - Arneil Descendents of Jane Arneil/ Herbie Neill

N06 Nelles Andrew Nelles: A New Canadian, 1798

N03A Neuschwanger Index to Neuschwanger from Germany to North America

N03 Neuschwanger Neuschwanger from Germany to North America

N04 Nicholson Thomas and Hannah Nicholson

N10 Nivins History of John Webb Nivins

N07 Nolles - Nellis Willem Nolles: Ancestors of the Nelles and Nellis Families of N. A.

N05 Nudent - Currell The Nugent-Currell Family

O01 O'Connell John Joseph O'Connell

O13 Oesch Daniel and Barbara Oesch Family History

O02 Ogden Ogden Family Lineage

O12 Oke Samuel Hart Oke

O03 Oke Oke Family

O04 Old Old Family History

O08 Oliver Oliver Family Charts

O05 Oliver Oliver Family Charts

O16 Orr Descendants of James Orr

O11 Orr Descendants of Johnstone Orr

O07 Osbaldeston Osbaldeston Book 2 (On Shelf in Front of Window)

O06 Osbaldeston Osbaldeston Book 1 (On Shelf in Front of Window)

O14 Osborne Cheryl Osborne Pedigree

O09 Otter Alfred Otter

O10 Ovens Ovens Family Tree

O15 Owens Owens' Saga

P09A Paisley Index to The Paisley Family Society

P09 Paisley The Paisley Family Society

P01 Pani Pani Family

P07 Parish Parish Family Tree

P17 Parson The Parson Family

P02A Peck - McClinchey Index for Peck-McClinchey-Rouatt Saga

P02 Peck - McClinchey Peck-McClinchey-Rouatt Saga

P03 Pepper Pepper Connection

P14 Perrie The Perrie Family Tree

P16 Phillips - Clark Descendents of Edward Phillips

P08 Pipe Scrapbook Collection of Mrs. Lloyd Pipe

P04 Plath -Lenhart -Hankin Plath-Lenhart-Hankin Family History

P10 Plummers The Plummers of County Wexford, Ireland and Ontario, Canada

P13 Plumsteel Plumsteel Family Deeds 1883 - 1956

P05 Pole Frederick Francis Pole's Family

P11 Procter Ancestors and Descendants of Charles Procter

P12 Procter Ancestors and Descendants of Abraham Procter

P15 Purvis Descendants of Andrew Purvis

P06 Pym The Pym Family

Q05 Quaid Warching Over Quaid's Bay

Q02 Quick Quick Family 1991

Q04 Quick Quick Family - Charlotte Quick

Q01 Quick Quick Family 1991

Q06 Quinlan Tree for Quinlan

Q03 Quirk The Murder of James Quirk

R16 Rand Rand Pedigree

R24 Rands Rands' Family Tree

R15 Rapson Rapson Family Tree

R01 Rea Rea Family

R01A Rea Index for Rea Family

R21 Reid Some Reids With Huron County Connectios

R03 Reid Carnagat: The Reid Family Story

R02 Reid Reid Family of Stanley Township

R22 Reid Reids od Kilbirnie, Scotland and Seaforth, Ontario

R23 Reiff Reiff to Riffe Family in America ol. 2

R04 Reith Willim and Susannah (Blackwell) Reith Family

R05 Rich Family History of William Bennett Rich

R06 Rife - Troyer David Rife (Reiff) and Michael Troyer

R07 Rife Samuel Rife

R26 Riley/Terrel Wm. Riley and Mary Elizabeth Terrel

R25 Robinson Descendants of Hugh Robinson

R27 Rodger Descendants of James Rodgers

R18 Rose Rose Family Tree

R20 Ross Alexander and Mary (Mustard) Ross

R17 Ross The History of William Ross and His Wives and Their Descendants

R09 Ross The Ross Family

R10 Ross Tribute to Ewan Ross 1922-1987

R08 Ross -Hewitt -Harper Ross-Hewitt-Harper Families

R11 Ross Memoirs of John Ross ofBrucefield

R19 Rutherford Rutherford Family Tree

R12 Ryckmans Ryckmans of Hensall and Exeter Area

R13 Rye Richard Rye 1825-1915

R14 Rye Richard Rye's Daily Diary 1864-1867

S01 Salkeld John and Martha Salkeld

S49 Sanders William Robert Sanders 1859 - 2007

S31 Schilbe Schilbes of Hay Township 1850's to Present

S47 Schmidt Descendents of Blacksmiths

S45 Schmidt Jacob & Barbara (Boshart) Schmidt

S34 Schroeder Harry A. Schroeder: A Farmer's Collection of Prose and Poetry

S48 Scotchmer Scotchmer Families

S02 Scotcnmer Scotcnmer Genealogy

S51 Scott Descendants of James Scott

S46 Scott Children of Tralee

S44 Scott - Dickson Scott and Dickson Families

S03 Scott - Dickson Scott and Dickson Families

S04 Seward Seward and related Families

S40 Shaw Descendants of Captain Wm. Shaw

S52 Sheere Sheere Family

S05 Sherbrook James and Elizbeth Sherbrook Charts

S06 Sherwood Sherwood of the Valley

S07 Shobbrook John and Ann (Manning) Shobbrook

S43 Sholdice The Sholdice Family in Huron County

S09 Simpson James Simpson Family

S08 Simpson Simpsons of Meadowvale

S39 Skelton Skelton: A Family History

S35 Skelton Skelton: A Family History

S10 Small Small Family Lineage 1740-1985

S11 Smalldon Smalldon-Stinson Family Charts

S12 Smeltzers Smeltzers Family Tree

S13 Smeltzers Irish-Palatine Smeltzers Around the World

S14 Smillies The Smillies of Baflynahinch

S36 Smith Smith Family History 1751 - 1992

S53 Smith & Clegg Our Family Tree John A. Smith & Ann Clegg

S54 Smith The Smith's - County Tyrone, Ireland to Dunngannan in Huron County

S15 Smith Smith Family History 1741-1992

S18 Snell Snell Reunions 1932-1986

S17 Snell Snell Family Charts

S16 Snell Snell's Hullett Township

S19 Sowden The Sowden Saga 1700-1969

S30 Sparling The Sparling Family History Vol. 1

S50 Sproat Sproat Family in Huron County

S37 Stalker The Stalker Connection

S42 Stanbury The Stanbury Family Tree

S20 Steinbach Steinbach Family Charts

S41 Stelck David and Margaretha (Ballhorn) Stelck

S21 Steven Steven's Family

S22 Stewart Some Stewart Stories

S38 Stewart Our Stewart Family

S23 Stirling Stirling Family

S33 Stoddart The John Stoddart Family 1790 - 2998

S24 Storey William Storey

S32 Storey Storey Pedigree Chart

S55 Story Janathan Story

S25 Strachan - Kirk Strachan-Kirk

S26 Strickland Strickland-Watson-Townsend-Scotchmer

S27 Strickland Strickland Genealogy

S28 Stroud The Children of John and Ann Stroud

S29 Switzer Martin Switzer

T23 Tabb Canadian Tabb Fanily, The

T17 Tahany James A. Tahany Family Tree

T04 Taylor Taylor Family: England to Huron County

T06 Taylor Our Taylor Ancestors

T21 Taylor Descendents of Archibald Taylor

T05 Taylor Charts of John Wilkie Taylor 1867-1933

T01 Taylor The Irish Taylor Family of Huliett Township

T02 Taylor The Tales of the Taylors

T03 Taylor Taylor Family History 1818-1988

T07 Tebbutt First Tebbutt Family in Upper Canada 1841-1966

T25 Tennant From Log Cabin to Mansion

T08 Tennant Tennant Family History

T18 Thompson Thompson Family

T09 Thompson - Bradford Family Group Sheets of the Thompson/Bradford Families

T24 Thompson Descendants of John A. Thompson

T10 Thomson Thomson History

T19 Thornweed Thornweed/Thorweed Families

T11 Tieran Tiernan Family History

T16 Trainer The Trainer Family

T20 Traquairs Chasing the Traquairs: Scotland & North America 1700's - 2002

T25 Treble Treble Family

T12 Troyer Troyer Family History

T13 Tumbull -McDougall Tumbull-McDougall-Campbell Families Histories

T22 Tunney & Robison Tunney & Robison

T14 Turnbull - Campbell Sketches ofTurnbull-Campbell-Cottle-MacDougall Families

T15 Turner Turner Pedigree

V02 Van Norman The Van Norman Genealogy

V01 Van Donkersgoed Hendrik Van Donkersgoed (in Dutch)

V03 Vincent -Jackson Vincent-Jackson-Bosman-Stephenson Roots

V05 Vincent Vincent Family of Huron County

V06 Vodden Vodden Family Tree

V04 Vos Vos Family History

W01 Walker Robert Bruce Walker Autobiography

W02 Wall Descendants of Moses and Ellen (Greene) Wall

W03 Walsh John Walsh 1821-1873

W13 Walton History of the Walton Family

W22 Warrener Warrener Family

W24 Watson Carolyn H. Watson Pedigree

W25 Webb Webb Pedigree

W17 Webb Ancestors of John Ferris Webb

W05 Webster The Tipperary Websters

W04 Webster Daniel and Eliza (Semple) Webster

W20 Wheatley Joseph and Ann Wheatley

W21 Whilsmith Gwyneyh J. Whilsmith: I Know God's in Here Somewhere

W06 White George and Ann Jane (McGurk) White Family of E. Wawanosh

W27 Whitely Whitely Families

W08 Whitely Whitely Family

W23 Whitely Descendeants of Andrew Whitely

W07 Whitely Edward Whitely

W16 Whitfield The Descendants of Jacob and Margaret (Scott) Whitfield

W14 Whiting Whiting Family History

W09 Widdicombes The Widdicombes of Canada 1857-1990

W10 Wild A Family called Wild

W11 Willits Willits Families of Upper Canada

W18 Wilson A Wilson Family Lineage 1777 - 1997

W12 Wilson A Wilson Family Lineage 1750-1985

W26 Wood Margaret Wood's Pedigree

W30 Woods Woods Family 1816 - 1973

W19 Woods Woods Family Tree

W29 Workman Workman Family History

W15 Wurm Wurm Family of Hay Twp. 1800's to Present

W28 Wylie Wylie

Y03 Yeo John Yeo: A Short Account of My Voyage to and Travels in North America

Y05 Yeo& Fanson Willian Yeo & Jane Fanson

Y04 Youngblut Youngblut

Y01 Yuill Yuill Family Tree 1985

Y02 Yule Yule Family Charts

Z01 Zeller Zeller Family in Germany, Canada and U.S.A.