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Notes from the Chairperson

There is lots going on! The Executive have been working diligently revising the Branch Policies and Procedures as well as the job descriptions. It is labour intensive work, but needed. We will be looking for some new people to join the Executive as our Secretary, Anne Capper, and our Librarian, Al Sanders, step down from their roles. Our special thanks to them both for serving many years on Executive. They will be missed. Would you like to serve the Branch on the Executive? Let us know!
Colleen Maguire (Past Chairperson) is working with David Yates on Book #2 and things are on track for a book launch in November 2019, just in time for Christmas gift giving. Congratulations on selling the 1,000 books that were printed by Huron County Branch! It was not our goal to make money, but indeed that is what has happened. Our thanks to Colleen for the hours and hours of work she has put into this successful endeavor!
The membership response to the survey was to have resources available online. I am pleased to say all our Huron County cemeteries are now available for digital download from the Ontario Ancestors Marketplace! https://ogs.on.ca/product-category/branch-publications-digital-download/huron-branch/ For simplicity we chose to go with a flat rate of $5 for any cemetery. You can still order a paper copy from our Branch if you wish and it will be mailed to you. My thanks to my husband Bill for helping me scan the cemeteries and everyone at OA head office for helping us make this happen! We will begin to look at what other records would be helpful to our members and work toward offering even more digital downloads for sale. Stay tuned!
We are planning to host a Family Tree Maker Tour stop the afternoon of November 19th. We hope we can be in a location central enough that neighbouring counties will join us. Next year, 2020, will mark 40 years for us as a Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. We are already planning how best to celebrate. We hope to make it a special year, collaborating with other local groups, bringing in even more fascinating speakers, and having a special day event for our July meeting. We hope to increase our visibility in the community and beyond!
Since we live in the snowbelt, November will be our last meeting of the year, and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our meetings and events starting in April 2020.

Nancy Cutway -- Ontario Land Records at Familysearch.org
[Kingston Relations, Volume 46 No. 4, September/October 2019, pages 37, 38]
As reported in earlier issues of this newsletter, digitized copies of the Abstract Indexes and Historical Land Books have been available at onland.ca for almost a year; but it remains a difficult site to use. You can only access it during their “business hours” and there is no facility to print or download a page to your computer (Teranet Inc. exists for the benefit of title searchers for land transactions, who are willing to pay for copies of all documents and pass it on to the purchaser of a property.) Onland.ca does remain the best way to work backward from an urban address with a street name and number, to the original Concession and Lot designation [see “Further Info on Onland.ca”, Kingston Relations March/April 2019, p. 13].
But in June, I learned from our local history librarian Joanne Stanbridge that she had recently become aware that Familysearch.org (FS) now has the same digitized Abstract Indexes and Land Books, available 24/7 for free. You can easily print and/or download images to your own computer. And, to my eye, they are much clearer images than at onland.ca.
Armed with this information, I went to see if I could find my 3rd-great-grandfather Jacob Dulmage selling land in Ernestown Township. I had only recently learned of a map created in 1783, while Jessup’s Rangers wintered in Lower Canada, assigning lots in Ernestown to all the soldiers in the regiment once they were discharged. I had never associated Jacob with Ernestown – I knew him as living in Marysburgh Twp in Prince Edward County – so wanted to see the documentation. I’m not sure if all the counties in Ontario are as fully represented at FS, but here are the steps I followed: Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox (or Safari for the Apple world) as your web browser; Internet Explorer is no longer supported by either Microsoft or FamilySearch.

Victoria Hospital School of Nursing (London) Booklets
Diane Zonana of Goleta CA has donated three booklets: Victoria Hospital School of Nursing 1940 Yearbook, a 1965 (25th) reunion booklet for the Class of 1940, and a 2005 Stay-At-Home Reunion (65th) booklet. These booklets had belonged to Diane’s mother Alma Lorene Carter, Londesboro (married Dr. C.W. “Bert” Mewhort, living in Burnaby BC in 2005).
The 1940 booklet has staff pictures and pictures of all of the graduating nurses:
Velda Rose Adams, Sheddon
Thelma Alice Ansell, London
Clara Edith Ball, Clinton
Marion Elizabeth Bees, London
Helen May C. Bell, Goderich
Jessie Isobel Bettles, Seaforth
Elizabeth R. Brackenbury, Port Burwell
Ruth Alice Brien, Ridgetown
Mildren Jean Card, Dresden
Elizabeth M Carruthers, Glencoe
Alma Lorene Carter, Londesboro
Muriel Evelyn Codling, Forest
Joyce Averil Coghlin, Atwood
Florence Audrey Curry, Norwich
Marian Grace Dennis, Paris
Dora Adeline Dicks, London
Dorothy Maxine Dimock, St. Thomas
Mildred Irene Follick, Hensall
Alice Irene Frank, West Lorne
Merle Adeline Frank, West Lorne
Anne K.W. Gordon, London
Grace Lorene Graham, Glencoe
Helen Jean Grieve, Clandeboye
Dorothee Ireen Griffin, London
Ellen Louise Holland, Ailsa Craig
Florence Marion Kittmer, St. Marys
Maude Hannah Laycock, Walter’s Falls
Shirley Mann, London
M.A. Elaine Marshall, London
Marjorie E.J. Martin, Lambeth
Elaine Matheson, Southampton
Helen Margaret Mayhew, Toronto
Olive Jean Munro, Walker’s
Marion Jean Murray, Blyth
Alma Katharine McColl, Lakeside
O. Dorris McCorquodale, Lakeside
Ruth E. McFarlane, Forest
Nella Annetta McLagan, Mitchell
M. Blanche McPhedran, Wyoming
Catharine Isobel Nichol, Dutton
Nellie Rideau Oke, Oka (Que)
Dorothy Helen Perrin, London
Annie Jean Piper, Iona Station
Florence Irene Richens, Mt. Elgin
Eleanor May Robinson, Ailsa Craig
Doris Grace Sadler, Sarnia
Vera Madeline Seili, Wheatley
Bonnie Frayne Sharpe, London
Louise Grace Sovereign, Paris
Gladys Amelia Sprowl, Lucan
Dorothy Eliza I. Taylor, Brigden
Lillian Theobald, Essex
Alma Beryl Thomas, Dorchester
Kathleen Joyce Tuer, London
Effie Clara Watson, London
E. Marjorie Weylie, Glanford Station
Amanda Wiens, Eburne, (Vancouver BC)
There are also group pictures (with names but no addresses) of “Our Internes”, Undergraduates January ’41, Undergraduates September ’41, Undergraduates January ’42, and Undergraduates September ’42.
The 1965 booklet lists the graduates and (for most of them) their spouses’ names, children’s names and ages, and 1965 addresses; there are brief biographies for some. The 2005 booklet contains photocopied letters from 20 of the graduates (updating each other on their lives and families) and addresses for 22 graduates.