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TITLE                                                           COUNTRY PROV  COUNTY MUNCIP TYPE     #

100 Years of Memories, 1879-1979             CAN         ONT         HUR         WIN         HIS           1

100 Years of the Ontario Street United Church          CAN         ONT         HUR         CLI          HIS           4

100 Years of Municipal Government; 1850-1950        CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         HIS           3

125 Years of Exeter Lodge #67 I.O.O.F.     CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           5

135 Years of St. Peter's Lutheran Congregation in Zurich, 1861-1996         CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         HIS           14

135 Years of St. Peter's Lutheran Congregation in Zurich, 1861-1996: Index for         CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         HIS           13A

135 Years of St. Peter's Lutheran Congregation in Zurich, 1861-1996: Index for         CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         HIS           14A

135 Years of St. Peter's Lutheran Congregation in Zurich, 1861-1996         CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         HIS           13

140 Years of St. Paul's Church CAN         ONT         HUR         CLI          HIS           3

140 Years of St. Peter's Lutheran Church History 1861 - 2001 Synopsis     CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         HIS           16

150 Years ofPresbyterianism in Goderich; 1835-1985                  CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        HIS           5

1841 Police Return Within the City of Glasgow Scotland            SCT                                                                RES          17

1842, 1851 & 1881 Census: Extracts           CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEN         1

1842 Census Index - Elgin Co., Malahide Twp.           CAN         ONT         ELG         MAL        CEN         7

1842 Census Wainfleet Township               CAN         ONT         LNC                           CEN         2

1842 Census Index - Elgin Co., Southwold Twp.         CAN         ONT         ELG         SOU         CEN         8

1842 Census Index - Elgin Co., Yarmouth Twp.         CAN         ONT         ELG         YAR         CEN         16

1842 Census Index - Elgin Co., Aldborough Twp.      CAN         ONT         ELG         ALD         CEN         2

1842 Census Index - Elgin Co., Bayham Twp.             CAN         ONT         ELG         BAY         CEN         3

1850 Ontario Census A - L        CAN         ONT                                             CEN         3

1850 Ontario Census M - Z       CAN         ONT                                             CEN         4

1851 Census - Colborne Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEN         5

1851 Census Index Logan Twp.                  CAN         ONT         PER          LOG         CEN         1

1851 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEN         2

1851 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEN         1

1851 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEN         5

1851 Census - Colborne Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEN         4

1851 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEN         4

1851 Census - Wawanaosh        CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEN         3

1851 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEN         3

1851 Census Vol. 1 Hampshire  ENG                                                               CEN         3

1851 Census - Wawanaosh        CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEN         2

1851 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEN         6

1851 Census Grey & McKillop Township  CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEN         7

1851 Census Grey & McKillop Township  CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEN         6

1851 Census index - Elgin Co., Bayham Twp.             CAN         ONT         ELG         BAY         CEN         4

1851 Census - Morris and Hullett               CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEN         2

1851 Census - Morris and Hullett               CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEN         5

1851 Census - Hullett and Morris               CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         6

1851 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEN         3

1851 Census - Hullett and Morris               CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         7

1851 Census - Usborne Twp.     CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEN         4

1851 Census - Wawanosh Twp.                   CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEN         2

1851 Census - Wawanosh Twp.                   CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEN         3

1851 Census Index for Bruce and Grey Counties       CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         3

1851 Census - Usborne Twp.     CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEN         5

1851 Census Index - Elgin Co., St. Thomas.                CAN         ONT         ELG         THO         CEN         12

 1851 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEN         2

1851 Census Index - Elgin Co., Southwold Twp.         CAN         ONT         ELG         SOU         CEN         9

1851 Census Hay Township       CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEN         2

1851 Census Hay Township       CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEN         3

1851 Census McKillop & Grey Township                   CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEN         7

1851 Census McKillop & Grey& Township                CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEN         8

1851 Census: - Parish ofTavistock, Devon ENG                                                                                 CEN         1

1851 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         MDD        MCG        CEN         1

1851 Census Index Fullarton Twp.             CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEN         1

1851 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         MDD        MCG        CEN         2

1851 Census Vol. 1 Hampshire  ENG                                                               CEN         4

1851 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         L&A                           CEN         1

1851 Census Index Blanshard Twp.           CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         CEN         1

1861 Census - Usborne Twp.     CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEN         6

1861 Census Index Blanshard Twp.           CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         CEN         2

1861 Census Index Logan Twp.                  CAN         ONT         PER          LOG         CEN         2

1861 Census Index Hibbert Twp.                CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEN         1

1861 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEN         9

1861 Census - Wawanosh Township           CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEN         4

1861 Census - Village of Clinton                 CAN         ONT         HUR         CLI          CEN         1

1861 Census - Colborne Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEN         6

1861 Census - Wawanosh Township (Photocopies)     CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEN         6

1861 Census - Village of Clinton                 CAN         ONT         HUR         CLI          CEN         2

1861 Census - Wawanosh Township           CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEN         5

1861 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEN         7

1861 Census - Colborne Township - Photocopies        CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEN         8

1861 Census - Colborne Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEN         7

1861 Census Hay Township       CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEN         5

1861 Census Hay Township - Photocopies CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEN         4

1861 Census McKillop Township - Photocopies          CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEN         6

1861 Census McKillop Township                CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEN         5

1861 Census - Tuckersmith Twp.                CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         CEN         3

1861 Census - Tuckersmith Twp.                CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         CEN         2

1861 Census - Photocopies         CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          CEN         2

1861 Census - Wawanosh Twp.                   CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEN         7

1861 Census Index - Elgin Co., St. Thomas.                CAN         ONT         ELG         THO         CEN         13

1861 Census - Wawanosh Twp.                   CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEN         8

1861 Census Index - Elgin Co., Vienna      CAN         ONT         ELG         VIE          CEN         14

1861 Census McKillop Township                CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEN         4

1861 Census Stanley Township CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          CEN         4

1861 Census Stanley Township CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          CEN         3

1861 Census Index - Elgin Co., Southwold Twp.         CAN         ONT         ELG         SOU         CEN         10

1861 Census Turnberry Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         CEN         2

1861 Census Turnberry Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         CEN         3

1861 Census - Town of Goderich - Photocopies           CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        CEN         4

1861 Census - Hullett Township - Photocopies            CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         10

1861 Census - Hullett Township                 CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         9

1861 Census - Hullett Township                 CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         8

1861 Census Index - Elgin Co., Bayham Twp.             CAN         ONT         ELG         BAY         CEN         5

1861 Census - Goderich Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         GOD        CEN         2

1861 Census - Town of Goderich                CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        CEN         3

1861 Census Howick Township - Photocopies             CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEN         2

1861 Census Grey Township - Index          CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEN         5

1861 Census Grey Township - Photocopies                 CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEN         4

1861 Census Howick Township                   CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEN         3

1861 Census Morris Township  CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEN         3

1861 Census Morris Township  CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEN         4

1861 Census Howick Township                   CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEN         4

1861 Census Morris Township  CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEN         6

1861 Census Index Grey Township            CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEN         3

1861 Census Grey Township     CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEN         2

1861 Census - Goderich Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         GOD        CEN         3

1861 Census Stephen Township (Photocopies)            CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEN         6

1861 Census Stephen Township                  CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEN         5

1861 Census Stephen Township                  CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEN         4

1861 Census - Usborne Twp. (Photocopies)                 CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEN         8

1861 Census - Town of Goderich                CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        CEN         2

1861 Census - Goderich Township - Photocopies        CAN         ONT         HUR         GOD        CEN         4

1861 Census - Usborne Twp.     CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEN         7

1861 Census              CAN         ONT         MDD        MCG        CEN         3

1861 Census - Biddulph Township             CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEN         3

1861 Census Index Wallace Twp.               CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEN         1

1861 Census Index Elma Twp.  CAN         ONT         PER          ELM        CEN         1

1861 Census Index Fullarton Twp.             CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEN         2

1871 Census Index - Elgin Co., Southwold Twp.         CAN         ONT         ELG         SOU         CEN         11

1871 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         LMB                          CEN         1

1871 Census Index: - Wellington County   CAN         ONT         W&W                        CEN         1

1871 Census Index Hibbert Twp.                CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEN         2

1871 -Census Index  CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEN         1

1871 Census - Normanby Twp. CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         9

1871 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          CEN         1

1871 Census - Melancthon Twp.                 CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         8

1871 Census - Culross Township                CAN         ONT         B&G        CUL         CEN         1

1871 Census Carrick Township                  CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEN         1

1871 Census - Kincardine Village               CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         7

 1871 Census Index: Town of Goderich      CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        CEN         1

 1871 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEN         1

 1871 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEN         1

1871 Census - Kincardine Twp.                  CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         6

 1871 Census Index: - For Goderich Township            CAN         ONT         HUR         GOD        CEN         1

1871 Census - Owen Sound       CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         5

1871 Census - Sydenham Twp. CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         4

1871 Census Index - Elgin County              CAN         ONT         ELG                           CEN         1

1871 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEN         1

1871 Census Index - Elgin Co., Bayham Twp.             CAN         ONT         ELG         BAY         CEN         6

1871 Census - Kinloss Township                 CAN         ONT         B&G        KIN          CEN         1

1871 Census Index -- Elgin Co., Vienna     CAN         ONT         ELG         VIE          CEN         15

1871 Census - Huron Township                  CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         CEN         2

1871 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         CEN         1

1871 Census Index: - Toronto  CAN         ONT         YRK                           CEN         2

1871 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEN         1

1871 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          CEN         1

1871 Census Index    CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEN         1

1871 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         L&G                          CEN         1

1871 Census Index: - Renfrew and The North            CAN         ONT         RNF                           CEN         1

1871 Census Index -- Hatton and Peel        CAN         ONT         HLT                           CEN         1

1871 Census Index - Halton and Peel         CAN         ONT         HLT                           CEN         2

1871 Census Index - Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington              CAN         ONT         FRN                           CEN         1

1871 Census Index;  CAN         ONT         OXF                           CEN         1

1871 Census Index;  CAN         ONT         OXF                           CEN         2

1871 Census Index: - Peterborough and Victoria       CAN         ONT         PTR                            CEN         1

1871 Census Index: -- London and Middlesex County                CAN         ONT         MDD                          CEN         1

1871 Census Index - Haldimand and Norfolk              CAN         ONT         HLD                           CEN         1

1871 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         LMB                          CEN         2

1871 Census Index: - Hamilton and Wentworth         CAN         ONT         WNT                          CEN         1

1871 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         SIM                            CEN         1

1871 Census Index: -- Lincoln, Welland and Niagara                  CAN         ONT         LNC                           CEN         1

1871 Census Index:  CAN         ONT         PER                            CEN         1

1871 Census Index;  CAN         ONT         NRT                           CEN         1

1871 Census Index - Hastings and Prince Edward      CAN         ONT         HST                            CEN         1

1871 Census Index: - Wellington County   CAN         ONT         W&W                        CEN         3

1871 Census Index Fullarton Twp.             CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEN         3

1871 Census Index: - York County            CAN         ONT         YRK                           CEN         1

1871 Census Index: - Waterloo County     CAN         ONT         W&W                        CEN         2

1871 Census; Head of Household                CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEN         2

1871- Census Index  CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEN         1

1881 Canadian Census               CAN                                                               CEN         4

1881 Canadian Census               CAN                                                               CEN         3

1881 Census Index Elma Twp.  CAN         ONT         PER          ELM        CEN         2

1881 Census Index Wallace Twp.               CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEN         2

1881 Census Index Blanshard Twp.           CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         CEN         3

1881 Census Index Logan Twp.                  CAN         ONT         PER          LOG         CEN         3

1881 -Census Index  CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEN         2

1881 -Census Index- CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEN         3

1881 Census Lucknow - Scottish                 CAN         ONT                                             CEN         6

1881 Census - Colborne Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEN         9

1881 Census Index for Those Born in Scotland           CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEN         8

1881 Census West Wawanosh (Scottish)    CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEN         4

1881 Census Index Fullarton Twp.             CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEN         4

1881 Census Index Hibbert Twp.                CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEN         3

1881 CensusManitoba and East Rupert’s Land          CAN                                                                                                   MAN                                            CEN         2

1890 Farmer’s Directory - Bruce                CAN         ONT         B&G                          DIR          6

1890 Farmer’s Directory           CAN         ONT         LMB                          DIR          1

1890 Farmer’s Directory Huron County   CAN         ONT         HUR                           DIR          13

1890 Farmer’s Directory - Grey                 CAN         ONT         B&G                          DIR          7

1890 Farmers Directory Wellington           CAN         ONT         W&W                        DIR          3

1890 Farmers Directory             CAN         ONT         PER                            DIR          1

1890 Farmers Directoru            CAN         ONT         MDD                          DIR          2

1890 Farmers Directory Waterloo              CAN         ONT         W&W                        DIR          2

1891 Census Index Blanshard Twp.           CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         CEN         4

1891 Census Index: - West Williams Township          CAN         ONT         MDD                          CEN         2

1891 Census Index Elma Twp.  CAN         ONT         PER          ELM        CEN         3

1891 Census Index Wallace Twp.               CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEN         3

1891 Census Index Fullarton Twp.             CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEN         5

1891 Census Index Hibbert Twp.                CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEN         4

1901 Census Index Fullarton Twp.             CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEN         6

1901 Census Index North Cypress             CAN         MAN                                            CEN         1

1901 Census - Huron Township                  CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         CEN         1

1901 Census Index Wallace Twp.               CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEN         4

1901 Census Index Elma Twp.  CAN         ONT         PER          ELM        CEN         4

1901 Census - Kinloss Township and Lucknow          CAN         ONT         B&G        KIN          CEN         2

1912 Directory of Bruce, Grey and Simcoe Counties  CAN         ONT         B&G                          DIR          2

1970 Virden Review CAN         MAN                                            HIS           6

75th Anniversary of St. Augustine Church                  CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           14

Abbreviation Listing for Huron County , Ontario, Canada , An                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           DIR          9

Abbreviation Listing for Huron County , Ontario, Canada , An                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           DIR          10

Aboriginal Peoples in the Archives             CAN         ONT                                             RES          7

About Genealogical Standards of Evidence                                                                       OGS         RES          47

About Genealogical Standards of Evidence: A Guide for Genealogists                                            OGS         RES          25

Abraham Brandon   CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        13

Access to Ancestry: A Genealogical Source Manual for Canadians              CAN                                                               RES          1

Albermarl/ Red Bay/ Evangelical/ Emmanuel Cemteries            CAN         ONT         B&G        ALB         CEM        1

Albermarle Cemetery Index      CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEM        3

Albert Edward Dovey                CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        54

Albert Rutherford Dickson       CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        50

Alberta: Index to Registrations of Birth, Marriage, Deaths 1870-1905 "Vol. 1             CAN         ALB                                             BMD        1

All our Yesterdays: History of Culross; 1854-1984     CAN         ONT         B&G        CUL         HIS           2

All Our Yesterdays: History of Culross & Teeswater 1854 - 2008                CAN         ONT         B&G        CUL         HIS           3

All Roads Lead to Seaforth and District Homecoming 1995        CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           12

Alma Naomi Dancey                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        47

Alphonso Carl Campion            CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        25

Always and Forever, Huron County in WWI              CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        57

Amish Mennonite Cemetery      CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        2

Andrew Stewart of the Prairie  CAN         MAN                                            HIS           16

Annual Workshops of Huron County Branch--1982, 1983, 1986                                                                        RES          27

Annual Workshops of Huron County Branch - 1982, 1983, 1986                                                                        RES          28

Approaching Ontario's Past      CAN         ONT                                             RES          29

Approaching Ontario's Past: The Artifact                  CAN         ONT                                             RES          33

Archives for Genealogists                                                                OGS         RES          58

Archives of Ontario: Some Resource Records             CAN         ONT                                             RES          14

Arkona Cemetery and Mennonite Cemetery of Warwick Twp.  CAN         ONT         LMB        BOS          CEM        1

Arrivals 99: Our First Families in New Brunswick    CAN         NB                                                HIS           1

Articles on Grey Township and Brussels   CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         HIS           5

Articles on Grey Township and Brussels   CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         HIS           6

Ashfield Pastoral Charges         CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         HIS           13

At the Mouth of the Credit        CAN         ONT         PEL                            HIS           1

At The End of the Trail: Anderson, Amherstburg, & Malden    CAN         ONT         ESS                            HIS           5

Auburn Knox Presbyterian Church, 1860-1960          CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           1

Auburn - The Lovliest Village of the Plains                 CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           16

Augusta Evangelical Cemetery CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEM        2

Austin Joseph Chisholn             CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        38

Avondale Cemetery, Block Q, Downie Twp.               CAN         ONT         PER                            CEM        2

Babylon Line Pioneer Cemetery                 CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        3

Baird's Presbyterian Cemetery                   CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          CEM        1

Balaclava Presbyterian Cemetery               CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        4

Baldoon: Lord Selkirk's Settlement in Upper Canada                 CAN         ONT         KNT                           HIS           1

Ball's Methodist Cemetery        CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEM        3

Basic German Research             EUR                                                               RES          1

Bathurst District - Early Settlers before 1822             CAN         ONT         LNK                           DIR          3

Battle Over Bilingualism: Manitoba Language Question 1983-1985            CAN         MAN                                            HIS           4

Bayfield Memorial Cemetery    CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          CEM        3

Bayfield Public Cemetery          CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          CEM        2

Bayview Cemetery, Keppel Township        CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEM        2

Bayview Cemetery - Wiarton    CAN         ONT         B&G        KEP         CEM        1

Beacon: vol. 1; 1858-1859 , The                   CAN         ONT         PER                            BMD        2

Beckoning Hills Revisited (Boissevain)      CAN         MAN                                            HIS           1

Beechwood Cemetery, Forest    CAN         ONT         LMB        BOS          CEM        2

Beginners Guide to Ontario Genealogy     CAN         ONT                                             RES          49

Beginners Guide to Genealogy                                                        OGS         RES          28

Beginning Genealogy                                                                                         RES          23

Beginning Genealogy                                                                                         RES          20

Beginning In Genealogy                                                                                     RES          17

Beginning In Genealogy                                                                                     RES          16

Belden's Historical Atlas of Bruce and Grey Counties; 1880       CAN         ONT         B&G                          ATL         1

Belden's Historical Alias of Peei County; 1877            CAN         ONT         PEL                            ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Northumberland and Durham; 1878 - Index   CAN         ONT         NRT                           ATL         2

Belden's Historical Atlas of Frontenac, Lennox &Addington Counties; 1878 Index     CAN         ONT         FRN                           ATL         2

Belden's Historical Atlas of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Counties; 1878           CAN         ONT         FRN                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Huron County -1879 -Index             CAN         ONT         HUR                           ATL         6

Belden's Historical Atlas ofWentworth County, 1875                  CAN         ONT         WNT                          ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Huron County -1879 -Index - Mika Edition     CAN         ONT         HUR                           ATL         7

Belden's Historical Atlas of Huron County -1879 -Index - Cummings Edition              CAN         ONT         HUR                           ATL         8

Belden's Historical Atlas of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties - 1878  CAN         ONT         HST                            ATL         1

Belden’s Historical Atlas of Huron County -1879       CAN         ONT         HUR                           ATL         2b

Belden’s Historical Atlas of Huron County -1879       CAN         ONT         HUR                           ATL         1

Belden’s Historical Atlas of Huron County -1879       CAN         ONT         HUR                           ATL         2a

Belden's Historical Atlas of Elgin County; 1877         CAN         ONT         ELG                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Norfolk County               CAN         ONT         NRF                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Oxford and Brant Counties, 1875-1876            CAN         ONT         OXF                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry, 1879          CAN         ONT         STR                            ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of the Quebec Eastern Townships; 1881               CAN         QUE                                             ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atias of Perth County; 1877         CAN         ONT          PER                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Leeds and Grenvillle; 1861-62         CAN         ONT         L&G                          ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Northumberland and Durham; 1878                CAN         ONT         NRT                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Lambton County, 1880   CAN         ONT         LMB                          ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties - 1878 - Index       CAN         ONT         HST                            ATL         2

Belden's Historical Atlas of York County; 1878          CAN         ONT         YRK                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Middlesex County; 1878                   CAN         ONT         MDD                          ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Leeds and Grenvillle; 1861-62- Index               CAN         ONT         L&G                          ATL         2

Belden's Historical Atlas of Waterloo and Wellington Counties - 1881,1877                CAN         ONT         W&W                        ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Wellington County - 1906                CAN         ONT         W&W                        ATL         2

Belden's Historical Atlas of Essex and Kent Counties; 1880-1881                 CAN         ONT         ESS                            ATL         1

Belden’s Historical Atlas of Halton County; 1877      CAN         ONT         HLT                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Lincoln and Welland Counties; 1876                CAN         ONT         LNC                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of Ontario County; 1877     CAN         ONT         ONT                           ATL         1

Belden's Historical Atlas of York County; 1878 -Index                CAN         ONT         YRK                           ATL         2

Benson Simpson Case                CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        32

Bervie United Church Centennial 1882-1982              CAN         ONT         B&G                          HIS           1

Best of the Branches                                                       OGS         NLR         7

Bethel Cemetery       CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEM        1

Bethel Methodist Cemetery (no stones)      CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         CEM        1

Bethel Methodist Cemetery       CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEM        2

Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Munro           CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEM        8

Bethel United Church Cemetery, Trafalgar Twp.      CAN         ONT         HLT                           CEM        1

Bethesda Abandoned Methodist Cemetery                  CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEM        1

Bethesda Cemetery  CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEM        1

Between the Fences, 1842-1992 CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          HIS           2

Between the Fences, Supplemental 1842-1996             CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          HIS           4

Between the Fences, Supplemental 1842-1996             CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          HIS           3

Between the Fences, 1842-1992 CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          HIS           1

Bible Christian Chapels of the Canadian Conference                  CAN                                                               HIS           12

Bible Christian Cemetery          CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEM        4

Bibliography of Oxford County                  CAN         ONT         OXF                           RES          1

Biographical History of Early Settlers: Waterloo Township       CAN         ONT         W&W                        BIO          1

BIyth: A Village Portrait, 1877-1977          CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        HIS           7

BIyth Anglican (Potters) Cemetery            CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEM        1

BIyth Cairn               CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEM        9

BIyth Centennial; 1877-1977     CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        HIS           8

BIyth Centennial; 1877-1978     CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        HIS           9

BIyth Union Cemetery               CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEM        4

BIyth United Church 1990        CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        HIS           11

BIyth United Church 1960        CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        HIS           10

Bluevale Cemetery   CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         CEM        1

Blyth Street Names   CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        HIS           13

Blyth Through the Lens             CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        HIS           6


BMD 1873 - 1893 Exeter Area  CAN         ONT         EXE         BMD        4

Book 1 - 1983 - Newspaper Clippings         CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        50

Book 10 - Huron Expositor Clippings        CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        60

Book 11 -- Huron County Obituaries         CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        57

Book 12 -- Huron County Obituaries         CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        58

Book 13 - Huron Expositor Clippings        CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        61

Book 14 - Blyth Standard Clippings + others              CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        62

Book 15 - Clinton News Record Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        63

Book 16 - Blyth Standard Clippings           CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        64

Book 17 - Huron County Clippings            CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        65

Book 18 - Huron County Clippings            CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        66

Book 19 - Clinton News Record Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        68

Book 2 - 1983 - Newspaper Clippings         CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        51

Book 20 - Huron Expositor Clippings        CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        67

Book 21- Huron Expositor Clippings        CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        81

Book 22 - Goderich Signal Star Clippings CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        73

Book 23 - Goderich Signal Star Clippings CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        74

Book 24 - Goderich Signal Star Clippings CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        45

Book 25 - Clinton News Record Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        69

Book 26 - Clinton News Record Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        70

Book 27 - Clinton News Record Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        71

Book 28 - Clinton News Record Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        72

Book 29 - Clinton News Record Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        82

Book 3 - 1984 - Newspaper Clippings         CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        52

Book 30 - Clinton News Record Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        76

Book 31 - Goderich Signal Star Clippings CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        75

Book 32 - Huron Expositor Clippings        CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        77

Book 33 - Clinton News Record Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        88

Book 34 - Exeter Times Advocate Clippings                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        78

Book 35- Huron Expositor Clippings        CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        80

Book 36- Huron Expositor Clippings        CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        83

Book 37- Huron Expositor Clippings        CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        84

Book 38 - Huron Expositor/Wingham Advance Times/Lucknow Sentinel Clipping     CAN         ONT         HUR         BMD        85

Book 39 - Wingham Advance Times Clippings           CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        86

Book 4 - 1984 - Newspaper Clippings         CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        53

Book 40 - Scrapbook Weddings                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        79

Book 41 - Wingham Advance Times/ Lucknow Sentinel Clippings              CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        87

Book 42 - Lucknow Sentinel/ BlythCitizen & LFP Clippings      CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        89

Book 43 - Exeter Times Adovcate Newspaper Clippings              CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        91

Book 44 - Exeter Times Adovcate Newspaper Clippings              CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        92

Book 45 - Exeter Times Adovcate Newspaper Clippings              CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        93

Book 46 - Seaforth & Clinton Newspaper Clippings  CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        90

Book 47 -ClintonNews Record Newspaper Clippings                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        94

Book 48 - ClintonNews Record Newspaper Clippings                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        95

Book 49 - CNR, GSS, WAT, Newspaper Clippings    CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        96

Book 5 - 1984 - Newspaper Clippings         CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        54

Book 6 - Huron County Obituaries Vol. 1  CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        47

Book 7 - Huron County Obituaries Vol. 2  CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        48

Book 8 - Huron County Obituaries Vol. 3  CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        49

Book 9 - Newspaper Clippings CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        56

Book ofTumberry, 1857-1957:Index for , The            CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         HIS           2B

Book ofTumberry, 1857-1957 , The            CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         HIS           2

Book ofTumberry, 1857-1957 , The            CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         HIS           1

Book ofTumberry, 1857-1957:Index for , The             CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         HIS           2A

Books you Need to do Genealogy in Ontario               CAN         ONT                                             RES          12

Borgue Parish, Scotland 1818-1854            SCT                                                                BMD        2

Borgue Parish, Scotland 1741-1799            SCT                                                                BMD        1

Botany District First 100 Years                   CAN         MAN                                            HIS           21

Brandon Cemetery; Belgrave    CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEM        4

Brethren In Christ Cemetery    CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEM        7

Brief History of the Village of Bayfield , A                  CAN         ONT         HUR         BAY         HIS           6

Brief Introduction to Genealogy                                                                                         RES          21

Broadfoot & Box Furniture Company       CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           21

Brokelbank/ German Methodist Cemeteries               CAN         ONT         B&G        BRT         CEM        9

Brotherston Mennonite Cemetery              CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEM        12

Brown's Toronto and Home District Directory, 1846-1847          CAN         ONT         YRK                           DIR          2

Browntown Cemetery                CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEM        6

Bruce Beckons , The                   CAN         ONT         B&G                          HIS           14

Bruce County Directory; 1867  CAN         ONT         B&G                          DIR          1

Bruce County Births 1869 - 1874                CAN         ONT         B&G                          BMD        4

Bruce County Marriages 1873 - 1879         CAN         ONT         B&G                          BMD        5

Bruce County Historical Society: Yearbook 1981       CAN         ONT         B&G                          HIS           4

Bruce-Grey Branch, O.G.S. Notes and Surname Index               CAN         ONT         B&G                          IND          2

Bruce-Grey Branch, O.G.S.: Queries Register 1970-1987            CAN         ONT         B&G                          IND          1

Brucefield Union Church 1899 CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         HIS           5

Brucefield United Church Centennial 1876 - 2976      CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         HIS           18

Brussels Post: Extractions - 1895-1896       CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        39

Brussels Post: Extractions - 1887-1888       CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        35

Brussels Post: Extractions - 1889-1890       CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        36

Brussels Post: Extractions - 1891-1892       CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        37

Brussels Post: Extractions - 1893-1894       CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        38

Brussels Post: Extractions - 1885-1886       CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        34

Brussels United Cemetery         CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEM        2

Brussels United Cemetery -- Master Index                  CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEM        3

Burgessville Baptist  CAN         ONT         OXF                           CEM        4

Burial Grounds in Glasgow       SCT                                                                RES          7

Burial Grounds in Glasgow       SCT                                                                RES          8

Burial Records for Knox Presbyterian Cemetery; Cranbrook    CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEM        5

Burials at Minto Township - Families of Clifford       CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEM        19

Burials St. John Vol. 3 1891      CAN         NB                                                CEM        3

Burials St. John Vol. 2 1890      CAN         NB                                                CEM        2

Burials St. John Vol. 6 1894      CAN         NB                                                CEM        6

Burials St. John Vol. 5 1893      CAN         NB                                                CEM        5

Burials St. John Vol. 1 1889      CAN         NB                                                CEM        1

Burials St. John Vol. 4 1892      CAN         NB                                                CEM        4

Burleton Wilfred Jones-Batemam              CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        56

Burn's United Cemetery            CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEM        5

Burn's United Church; 1859-1959              CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         HIS           1

Burn's United Church; 1859-1959              CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         HIS           2

Bush Days - Malcolm Lamont   CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         HIS           4

Bush Days - Malcolm Lamont   CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         HIS           3

Busy Berlin 1901       CAN         ONT         W&W                        HIS           4

Butler Cemetery       CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEM        13

Butler Cemetery       CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEM        7

ByTown - A Guide    CAN         ONT         CRL                           HIS           3

CAN         ONT                                             RES          51

Canada and Other Poems          CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           35

Canada Company, The              CAN         ONT                                             HIS           20

Canada Company & The Huron Tract      CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           26

Canada Company Remittance Rolls Vol. 1 - 3 1843 - 1847          CAN         ONT                                             RES          32

Canada Company, The              CAN         ONT                                             HIS           20A

Canada Land Company: The Early Years, The          CAN         ONT                                             HIS           18

Canada’s Home Children                                                                OGS         RES          49

Canadian Railway Records       CAN                                                               RES          4

Canadian Railway Records       CAN                                                               HIS           10

Canadian Southern Railway Vol. I , The   CAN         ONT         ELG                           HIS           5

Carberry Plains: Century One CAN         MAN                                            HIS           20

Card File System of Note Taking                CAN         ONT                                             RES          1

Carlisle List , The     CAN         ONT         MDD                          BMD        2

Carrick Baptist Cemetery         CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        2

Cartingford Union Cemetery    CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEM        7

Catalogue of Directories and Poll Books in the Possession of , A                                                                        RES          31

Catholic Section St. Mary's Cemetery        CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         CEM        2

Caven Presbyterian Church; 1861-1911    CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           3

Caven Presbyterian Church Exeter 1861 - 1961         CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           11

Caven Presbyterian Church; 1861-1911    CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           4

Cemetery Transcribing: Preparations and Procedures                                                                                        RES          14

Census: 1850 -- Hullett Township               CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         4

Census 1851- Devon, Norfolk and Warwick                ENG                                                               CEN         2

Census Index 1871 - Brant County             CAN         ONT         BRN                           CEN         1

Census Index: 1851 - McKillop & Grey Twp.             CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEN         2

Census Index 1871 - Durham County        CAN         ONT         DUR                           CEN         1

Census Index 1871 - Huron County            CAN         ONT         HUR                           CEN         2

Census Index: 1850 -- Hullett Township    CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         5

Census Index: 1871- Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott and Russell Counties     CAN         ONT         STR          CEN         1

Census Index: 1871  CAN         ONT         ONT                           CEN         1

Census Index 1871 - Ottawa and Carleton                  CAN         ONT         CRL                           CEN         1

Census Index 1871 - Essex and Kent Counties            CAN         ONT         ESS                            CEN         1

Census Index: 1851 --McKillop & Grey Twp.             CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEN         3

Census Index 1871 - Grey County              CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         2A

Census Index 1871 - Grey County              CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         2

Census Index 1871 -- Bruce County           CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         1A

Census Index: 1871  CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         CEN         1

Census Index: 1851 -- Hullett & Morris Twp.             CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         3

Census Index: 1871  CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEN         1

Census Index 1871 -- Bruce County           CAN         ONT         B&G                          CEN         1

Census Index: 1871  CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         1

Census Index: 1871  CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEN         1

Census Index 1871 - Huron County            CAN         ONT         HUR                           CEN         1

Census Index: 1851 " Hullett & Morris Twp.             CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEN         2

Census Index 1871    CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEN         1

Census of 1901 Finding Aid       CAN                                                               CEN         1

Census Returns Finding Aid 1666 - 1891   CAN                                                               CEN         2

Centenary United Church Cemetery         CAN         ONT         MDD        MCG        CEM        3

Centennial of Brucefield United Church, 1876-1976  CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         HIS           15

Central North Simcoe County Monumental Transcriptions; Vol. 1             CAN         ONT         SIM                            CEM        2

Centralia: A Chronology           CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          HIS           11

Centralia United Church           CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          HIS           12

Centralia United Church 75th Anniversary 1922 - 1997              CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          HIS           4

Century in Canada 1864 - 1964, A              CAN                                                               HIS           4

Century of Goderich , A            CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        HIS           7

Century of Service: Crediton United Church 1869 - 1969 , A      CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          HIS           8

Century of Goderich , A            CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        HIS           8

Charles Barker         CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        8

Charles Edward Dowding         CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        55

Checklist of Canadian Directories 1790-1950              CAN                                                               DIR          1

Checklist of Parish Registers 1986              CAN                                                               DIR          2

Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Port Albert         CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEM        1

Christ Church St. Albans          CAN         ONT         ESS                            BMD        4

Christ Church Cemetery, Dunn Twp.        CAN         ONT         HLD                           CEM        1

Christopher John Brownlee      CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        21

Christopher Lewis Cemetery    CAN         ONT         MDD        MCG        CEM        5

Church Affiliations and Burial Grounds of Settlers   CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           12

Church of Epiphany, Kingsville Funerals  CAN         ONT         ESS                            BMD        3

Clans and Tartans of Scotland , The          SCT                                                                RES          2

Clifford Cemetery    CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEM        8

Clinton New Era: Vol. 12 Extractions - April 1874-July 1878     CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        41

Clinton New Era: Vol. 12 Extractions - April 1874-July 1878     CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        40

Clinton Public Cemetery           CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEM        7

Clinton Public Cemetery - Master Index   CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEM        8

Clinton Public Cemetery           CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEM        13

Cobourg Star: B.M.D.; 1831-1849 -Supplemental      CAN         ONT         PTR                            BMD        3

CobourgStar: B.M.D.; 1831-1849               CAN         ONT         PTR                            BMD        2

Colborne Cemetery  CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEM        1

Colborne Connections 1836-1986               CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         HIS           4

Colborne Connections 1836-1986               CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         HIS           5

Colborne Evangelical Cemetery                 CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEM        3

Colouring in the Leaves                                                                   OGS         RES          7

Complete set of Hullett Township Cemeteries            CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEM        12

Complete set of Stephen Township Cemeteries           CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEM        6

Complete set of McKillop Township Cemeteries        CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEM        4

Complete set of Goderich Township Cemeteries         CAN         ONT         HUR         GOD        CEM        4

Complete set of Morris Township Cemeteries             CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEM        10

Complete set of Usborne Township Cemeteries          CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEM        13

Complete set ofTumberry Township Cemeteries        CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         CEM        5

Complete set of Grey Township Cemeteries                CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEM        4

Complete set of Hay Township Cemeteries                 CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        13

Complete set of Tuckersmith Township Cemeteries   CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         CEM        6

Complete set of Stanley Township Cemeteries            CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          CEM        6

Complete set of Colborne Cemeteries        CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         CEM        5

Complete set of Ashfield Cemeteries          CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEM        12

Complete set of East Wawanosh Cemeteries               CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEM        5

Complete set of Howick Township Cemeteries           CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEM        18

Complete set of West Wawanosh Township Cemeteries              CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEM        6

Conrad George Carey                CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        27

Conserving, Preserving, & Restoring Your Heritage                                                       OGS         RES          5

Constance United Church         CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         HIS           8

Corner for the Preacher, A       CAN                                                               HIS           11

Cornish Emigrants to Ontario  CAN         ONT                                             HIS           34

Corporation of the Township of London - 2 Vol. Set , The          CAN         ONT         MDD                          HIS           4

Corporation of the Village of Bayfield History 1876 - 1985         CAN         ONT         HUR         BAY         HIS           1

Corporation of the Village of Bayfield History 1876 - 1985         CAN         ONT         HUR         BAY         HIS           2

Counties and Townships of Southern Ontario --Maps and Index                 CAN         ONT                                             ATL         7

Country Roads: South Easthope Township                 CAN         ONT         PER                            HIS           9

County Marriage Register - Vol. 37 Carleton County 1858 - 1869                CAN         ONT         CRL                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers; Grey County, 1858-1869                  CAN         ONT         B&G                          BMD        2

County Marriage Registers: Bruce County; 1858-1869                CAN         ONT         B&G                          BMD        1

County Marriage Register: Elgin County; 1858-1869                  CAN         ONT         ELG                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Brant County; 1858-1869                CAN         ONT         BRN                           BMD        1

County Marriage Register: Durham County; 1858-1869             CAN         ONT         DUR                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Prescott and Russell Counties -- 1858-1869     CAN         ONT         PRS                            BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Prince Edward County - 1858-1869                 CAN         ONT         PRN                           BMD        2

County Marriage Registers: Wentworth County -1858-1869      CAN         ONT         WNT                          BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Prince Edward County - 1858-1869                 CAN         ONT         PRN                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Simcoe County ~ 1858-1869            CAN         ONT         SIM                            BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Perth County --1858-1869               CAN         ONT         PER                            BMD        1

County Marriage Registers; York County " 1858-1869               CAN         ONT         YRK                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Frontenac County and Kingston -1858-1869  CAN         ONT         FRN                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Middlesex County, 1858-1869         CAN         ONT         MDD                          BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Peterborough County - 1858-1869 CAN         ONT         PTR                            BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Lennox and Addington - 1858-1869                 CAN         ONT         L&A                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers - Essex County 1858 - 1869              CAN         ONT         ESS                            BMD        2

County Marriage Registers: Halton County -1858-1869              CAN         ONT         HLT                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Peel County -1858-1869                   CAN         ONT         PEL                            BMD        2

County Marriage Registers: Halimand County -1858-1869         CAN         ONT         HLD                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Lincoln and Welland Counties- 1858-1869      CAN         ONT         LNC                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Peel County -1858-1869                   CAN         ONT         PEL                            BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Waterloo County -1858-1869          CAN         ONT         W&W                        BMD        2

County Marriage Registers: Victoria County -1858-1869            CAN         ONT         VIC                            BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Lambton County --1858-1869         CAN         ONT         LMB                          BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Hastings County -1858-1869           CAN         ONT         HST                            BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Vol. 34 Norfolk County 1858 - 1869                 CAN         ONT         NRF                           BMD        2

County Marriage Registers: Ontario County -1858-1869            CAN         ONT         ONT                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Ontario County -1858-1869            CAN         ONT         ONT                           BMD        2

County Marriage Registers: Oxford County " 1858-1869            CAN         ONT         OXF                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Stormont and Dundas- 1858-1869  CAN         ONT         STR                            BMD        1

County Marriage Register: Northumberland -1858-1869            CAN         ONT         NRT                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Ontario County --1858-1869           CAN         ONT         ONT                           BMD        3

County Marriage Registers: Wellington County -1858-1869       CAN         ONT         W&W                        BMD        1

County Marriage Registers Glengarry County 1858 - 1869         CAN         ONT         GLE                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Kent County 1858 - 1869                 CAN         ONT         KNT                           BMD        3

County Marriage Registers: Toronto -- 1858" 1869   CAN         ONT         YRK                           BMD        2

County Marriage Registers: Leeds and Grenville - 1858-1869    CAN         ONT         L&G                          BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Renfrew County -1858-1869           CAN         ONT         RNF                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Huron County -1858-1869               CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        2

County Marriage Registers: Huron County --1858-1869             CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        1

County Marriage Registers: Grey County, 1869-1873                  CAN         ONT         B&G                          BMD        3

County Marrige Registers: Lanark County -1858-1869               CAN         ONT         LNK                           BMD        1

County of Essex The Township of Sandwich               CAN         ONT         ESS                            HIS           4

County of Huron Information; 1989          CAN         ONT         HUR                           RES          5

Court of Probate Records; 1793-1859        CAN         ONT                                             LND         4

Court of Probate Records; 1793-1859        CAN         ONT                                             LND         3

Credfton Evangelical U.B. Cemetery         CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEM        4

Crime & Punishment in Upper Canada                                                           OGS         RES 29

Cromarty Presbyterian Cemetery              CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEM        6

Crystal City and the Story of Thomas Greenway       CAN         MAN                                            HIS           15A

Crystal City Commercial Printing Museum , The      CAN         MAN                                            HIS           19

Crystal City and the Story of Thomas Greenway       CAN         MAN                                            HIS           15

Cunningham Farm Cemetery - Walkerton                 CAN         ONT         B&G        BRT         CEM        1

Currie's Directory 1876-1877    CAN         ONT         HUR                           DIR          5

Currie's Directory 1876-1877    CAN         ONT         HUR                           DIR          4

Cyril Richard Carrie                 CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        30

Damascus Road, The                  CAN                                                               HIS           13

Dashwood E.U.B. Cemetery      CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        4

Deacon's Memorial Cemetery   CAN         ONT         HUR         EWA        CEM        2

Death Notices from the Christian Guardian; 1836-1850              CAN         ONT                                             BMD        33

Death Notices from the Christian Guardian; 1836-1850              CAN         ONT                                             BMD        32

Death Notices from Canada Christian Advocate; 1858-1872       CAN         ONT                                             BMD        36

Death Notices from the Christian Guardian; 1851-1860              CAN         ONT                                             BMD        34

Death Notices of Ontario; 1810-1849          CAN         ONT                                             BMD        26

Death Notices of Ontario; 1810-1849          CAN         ONT                                             BMD        27

Death Notices from Canada Christian Advocate; 1858-1872       CAN         ONT                                             BMD        37

Death Notices from the Christian Guardian; 1851-1860              CAN         ONT                                             BMD        35

Deloraine Scans a Century 1880 - 1980      CAN         MAN                                            HIS           14

Demystifying Copyright             CAN         ONT                                             RES          37

Detail Atlas for the Province of Ontario    CAN         ONT                                             ATL         1

Diary of Snowflake, Manitoba  CAN         MAN                                            HIS           24

Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation -- Vol. 1, A            CAN                                                               DIR          3

Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada - Before Confederation                                                                 OGS         RES          56

Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation -- Vol. 3, A            CAN                                                               DIR          6

Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation -- Vol. 2, A            CAN                                                               DIR          4

Directory for Huron, Middlesex, and Perth Counties; 1909        CAN         ONT         HUR                           DIR          8

Directory for Brampton, 1873-1874            CAN         ONT         PEL                            DIR          1

Directory of Archives in Manitoba             CAN         MAN                                            DIR          1

Directory of the Province of Ontario 1857 CAN         ONT                                             DIR          7

Directory of Genealogical Societies in the U.S.A. and Canada - 1976           RES          33

Directory of the County of Wellington 1871-72           CAN         ONT         W&W                        DIR          1

Discover Your Metis Ancestors                                                                         OGS         RES          54

Districts of Upper Canada 1788-1849         CAN         ONT                                           ATL         6

Document Flow in the Registry Office       CAN         ONT         HUR                           LND         3

Document Flow in the Registry Office       CAN         ONT         HUR                           LND         4

Donegal Cemetery    CAN         ONT         PER          ELM        CEM        4

Donneybrook United Cemetery                  CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEM        3

Drum to Beat Upon , A              CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         HIS           8

Duff's United Church; 1865-1990               CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         HIS           4

Duff's United Church 1865 - 1965              CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         HIS           10

Duff's United Church; 1865-1965               CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         HIS           3

Duncam Alison         CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        4

Dungannon Cemetery (as done by the West Wawanosh Twp. Book Committee           CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEM        3

Dungannon Cemetery, Dungannon            CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEM        2

Dunk’s Bay Cemetery                CAN         ONT         B&G        STD          CEM        1

Early Buildings in Colborne and Goderich Townships                CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         HIS           1

Early Churches of Hay Township               CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         HIS           15

Early Churches of Grey Township             CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         HIS           9

Early Churches of Goderich Township      CAN         ONT         HUR         GOD        HIS           5

Early Churches of East and West Wawanosh Townships            CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           13

Early Churches of Stanley Township         CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          HIS           3

Early Churches of Morris Township          CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        HIS           3

Early Churches of Howick Township         CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       HIS           8

Early Churches of Colborne Township      CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         HIS           6

Early Churches of Ashfield Township       CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         HIS           9

Early History of Waterloo County a Genealogy          CAN         ONT         W&W      HIS           9

Early History of Howick Township            CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       HIS           3

Early Huron Houses: Book Two                 CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           5

Early Huron Houses: Book Three              CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           6

Early Huron Houses: Book One                 CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           4

Early Methodist Cemetery; Carlsruhe       CAN         ONT ,       B&G        CAR         CEM        5

Early Ontario Gravestones        CAN         ONT                                             CEM        5

Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Vol. 2                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        12

Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Vol. 1                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        11

Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Vol. 4                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        17

Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Vol. 2                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        13

Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Vol. 1                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        9

Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Vol. 3                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        14

Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Vol. 4                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        16

Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Vol. 3                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        15

Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Vol. 1                CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        10

East Nissouri Cemetery             CAN         ONT         MDD        ENS          CEM        1

Eastnor Cemetery    CAN         ONT         B&G        EAS          CEM        1

Ebenezer Bible Christian Cemetery           CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEM        9

Ebenezer Cemetery  CAN         ONT         MDD        MCG        CEM        7

Ebenezer Memorial Cemetery  CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEM        3

Echo of Monkton's Past , An     CAN         ONT         PER          LOG         HIS           2

Echoes of Ellice Township         CAN         ONT         PER                            HIS           10

Eden Cemetery         CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEM        4

Education & Ontario Family History                                                               OGS         RES          26

Egmondville Brewery                CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         HIS           19

Egmondville United Cemetery  CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         CEM        2

Elgin County Genealogical Publications and Resources              CAN         ONT         ELG                           RES          1

Elimville United Cemetery        CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEM        5

Elimville United Church 1875 - 1975          CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          HIS           5

Elma Centre Cemetery, Atwood                 CAN         ONT         PER          ELM        CEM        5

Elmanac - History of Elma Township , The                 CAN         ONT         PER          ELM        HIS           2

Elmira Centennial 1886 - 1986  CAN         ONT         W&W                        HIS           6

Emigrant Scots , The                  SCT                                                                RES          16

Emigrants and Adventurers From Glasgow and the West of Scotland        SCT                                                                RES          10

Emigrants Guide to North America, The   CAN                                                               HIS           2

Emigrants Guide to North America, The   CAN                                                               HIS           3

Emigration: British Farmers' Guide to Ontario         CAN         ONT                                             DIR          5

Emigration; British Farmers' Guide to Ontario         CAN         ONT                                             DIR          6

Emmanuel E.U.B. Cemetery     CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEM        11

Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery    CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        5

Enchanting Isles of Erie             CAN         ONT                                             HIS           31

Enduring Heritage: Black Contributions to Early Ontario, An  CAN         ONT                                             HIS           32

England Syllabus      ENG                                                               RES          5

English Genealogical Research ENG                                                               RES          15

English Language Handwriting from 1550                  ENG                                                               RES          10

Epworth League of North St. Methodist Church, Goderich, Dec. 1900        CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        HIS           10

Ernest Clark             CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        40

Ernest James Craig  CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        44

Essex County Interesting People                 CAN         ONT         ESS                            HIS           3

Essex County Sketches               CAN         ONT         ESS                            HIS           6

Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery                 CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        15

Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery                 CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        16

Evolution of Wescast , The        CAN         ONT         HUR         WIN         HIS           4

Exeter: A History : Index for    CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           2B

Exeter: A History     CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           2

Exeter: A History     CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           1

Exeter Advocate: BMD --1894-1898           CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        25

Exeter Cemetery       CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        6

Exeter Map               CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         ATL         1

Exeter - Methodist Church        CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         BMD        1

Exeter Times and Advocate: BMD - 1873-1893           CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        24

Explore    CAN         ONT         ELG                           RES          2

Fact and Fantasy: A History ofTavistock and District                 CAN         ONT         PER                            HIS           5

Facts and Figures; Chiselhurst United Church           CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         HIS           6

Fairfield United Cemetery         CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEM        3

Fairview Cemetery, Listowel     CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEM        13

Families and Farms of Huron; 1852-1984  CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         HIS           3

Families and Farms of Huron; 1852-1984  CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         HIS           2

Families: Searching Scottish Ancestry       SCT                                                                RES          11

Families; v.9 #2-current (interrupted series)                                                                     OGS         NLR         2

Family Health Trees: Genetics and Genealogy                                                                 OGS         RES          2

Family Research in Waterloo and Wellington Counties              CAN         ONT         W&W                        RES          2

Family Research in Waterloo & Wellington Counties                  CAN         ONT         W&W                        RES          4

Family Research Wales - Family History Library      WAL                                                              RES          3

Fansville Cemetery   CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        1

Farm Lanes of Bentinck            CAN         ONT         B&G                          HIS           13

Father Gordon's Register          CAN         ONT         PEL                            BMD        3

Federal Voters Lists in Ontario 1935 - 1979                CAN         ONT                                             CEN         7

Federal Voters Lists in Western Canada 1935-1979   CAN                                                               DIR          8

Final Report: OGS Workshop for Organizations Using Volunteers                                                                   OGS         POL         3

Financial Statement 1921-Kippen, Hillsgreen, Blake CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         HIS           1

Financial Statement 1921-Kippen, Hillsgreen, Blake CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         HIS           2

Finding Your Canadian Ancestors             CAN                                                               RES          5

First Century of Langford 1891 -1991        CAN         MAN                                            HIS           13

First Hussars Newspaper Collection - Index               CAN         ONT         MDD                          IND          2

First Lutheran Church Cemetery               CAN         ONT         PER          LOG         CEM        1

First Presbyterian Church, 1867-1992       CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           10

First Presbyterian Church, 1867-1967       CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           9

First Presbyterian Church        CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           19

First Presbyterian Church        CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           17

Fordwich Presbyterian Cemetery               CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEM        17

Fordwich Public Cemetery        CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEM        9

Fortress of Louisbourg              CAN         NS                                                HIS           2

Founding Families of Bagof, BIythfield and Brougham               CAN         ONT         RNF                           HIS           1

Founding Families of Admaston, Horton and Renfrew Village   CAN         ONT         RNF                           HIS           3

Founding Families of Grattan and Wilberforce          CAN         ONT         RNF                           HIS           2

Frank Brown            CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        17

Frank Henry Doty    CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        52

Freeman Albert Brockenshire  CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        15

From Bush Trails to Present Tales             CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         HIS           2

From Forest to Thriving Hamlets               CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           2

From Forests to Thriving Hamlets             CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           21

From Log School to United Church: Brewsterto Grand Bend    CAN         ONT         LMB        BOS          HIS           2

From Log House to United Church            CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          HIS           7

Frontier Ways to Modern Days                  CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         HIS           1

Frontier Ways to Modern Days                  CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         HIS           10

Full Index to Newspaper Clippings on Computer       CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        55

Fullarton Evangelical Cemetery                 CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEM        3

Fullarton Methodist Cemetery  CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEM        6

Fullarton Villages Memories     CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          HIS           3

Funeral Home Record Index 1903-1958     CAN         ONT         PER          BMD        14

Furrows in the Valley: Rural Municipality of Morris 1880 - 1980                  CAN       MAN      HIS         18

G.C.I. Review: Centennial Edition; 1941           CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      HIS         3

Genealogical Atlas of Ireland              IRL                                                        ATL       1

Genealogical Atlas of England and Wales         GBR                                                       ATL       1

Genealogical Atlas of Scotland , A      SCT                                                        ATL       1

Genealogical Atlas of Ireland              IRL                                                        ATL       2

Genealogical Atlas of Scotland , A      SCT                                                        ATL       2

Genealogical Extraction and Index of Canada Company Remittance Books 1843-47                  CAN       ONT       HIS         17

Genealogical Gazetteer of England    ENG                                                       DIR        1

Genealogical Gazetteer of Scotland , A              SCT                                                        ATL       3

Genealogical History of Long Island, Kings County         CAN       NS                                          HIS         1

Genealogical Research Aid to the London Branch Library Holdings             CAN       ONT       MDD                      RES        1

Genealogical Resources in English Repositories               ENG                                                       RES        6

Genealogical Resources in English Repositories -Suppplement       ENG                                                       RES        7

Genealogical Resources at Conrad Grebel College           CAN       ONT       W&W                    RES        1

Genealogical Standards of Evidence                                                  OGS       RES        6

Genealogist's Encyclopedia , The                                                                        RES        5

Genealogy and The Law                                                      OGS       RES        3

Genealogy, Geography and Maps                                                       OGS       RES        51

Genealogy: Getting Started                                                                                 RES        4

Genealogy: Getting Started                                                                                 RES        3

Genealogy in Ontario: Searching the Records 3rd Edition              CAN       ONT                                       RES        40

Genealogy in Ontario                                                           OGS       RES        55

Genealogy In Ontario: Searching the Records  CAN       ONT                                       RES        9

Genealogy In Ontario: Searching the Records  CAN       ONT                                       RES        10

Genealogy In Ontario: Searching the Records; 3rd ed.    CAN       ONT                                       RES        11

Genealogy On Line for Dummies       CAN                                                       RES        6

Genealogy Online for Dummies                                                                          RES        36

Genealogy Web Sites on the Internet CAN       ONT       NRF                       RES        2

George Albert Brunner        CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      20

George Brown       CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      18

George Cockfield  CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      41

George Ede Dennis               CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      49

George Edward Case           CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      33

German Baptist Cemetery, Brodhagen              CAN       ONT       PER        LOG       CEM      2

German Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery          CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       CEM      2

Ghost Towns of Ontario      CAN       ONT                                       HIS         2

Globe: Birth, Marriage, Deaths; Vol. 1 1844-1847, The   CAN       ONT                                       BMD      5

Goderich Ladies Lawn Bowling Club: Account Book; 1952-1963  CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      JOU        2

Goderich Lawn Bowling Club: Account Book; 1910-       CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      JOU        1

Goderich North St. Methodist/United Church Marriages 1896 - 1932 (Storeroom)      CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      BMD      4

Goderich North St. United Church Vol. 12 Marriages 1853-1896, Mem. 1898-1916 “                  CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      BMD      7

Goderich North St. Methodist/United Church BMD (Storeroom)                 CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      BMD      5

Goderich North St. Methodist/United Index      CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      BMD      1

Goderich North St. Methodist/United Church Baptismal 1970 - 1985 (Storeroom)      CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      BMD      2

Goderich North St. United Church Vol. 9 Marriages 1933-1959, 1969-1982 (STRM)                  CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      BMD      6

Goderich North St. Methodist/United Church Burials 1956 - 1968 (Storeroom)           CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      BMD      3

Goderich the Beautiful         CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      HIS         6

Goderich Township Families              CAN       ONT       HUR       GOD      HIS         1a

Goderich Township Families 2010      CAN       ONT       HUR       GOD      HIS         6

Goderich Township Families              CAN       ONT       HUR       GOD      HIS         1

Goderich: Vikings the Good Years 1841 - 2000                 CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      HIS         9

Golden Bridge - Young Immigrants to Canada, The        CAN                                                       HIS         9

Gorrie Public Cemetery       CAN       ONT       HUR       HOW     CEM      10

Grace Lutheran Cemetery  CAN       ONT       PER        LOG       CEM      3

Grace United Church; Tavistock, Ontario        CAN       ONT       PER                        HIS         6

Grand Bend Cemetery         CAN       ONT       LMB      BOS        CEM      4

Grand Bend: Images of Yesterday     CAN       ONT       LMB      BOS        HIS         1

Granton Cemetery               CAN       ONT       MDD      BID        CEM      6

Granton Cemetery               CAN       ONT       MDD      BID        CEM      12

Greenfield Cemetery            CAN       ONT       W&W    MIN       CEM      6

Greenhill Cemetery; Rev. ed. 199?     CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       CEM      4

Greenway United Church Cradle Roll, 1900-1920            CAN       ONT       HUR       STE        BMD      1

Greenwood Cemetery          CAN       ONT       LNK                       CEM      2

Grey County Map Book 2001             CAN       ONT       B&G                      ATL       3

Grey County Map Book 2001             CAN       ONT       B&G                      ATL       2

Grey Township and its People: Index for          CAN       ONT       HUR       GRY       HIS         1A

Grey Township and its People: Index for          CAN       ONT       HUR       GRY       HIS         2A

Grey Township and its People            CAN       ONT       HUR       GRY       HIS         1

Grey Township and its People            CAN       ONT       HUR       GRY       HIS         2

Grosse Ile - Records of Daily Events 1847         CAN                                                       HIS         5

Ground Plan for Turner's Cemetery  CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       CEM      7

Guide to Family History Research in the Archives of United Church                                                            OGS       RES        1

Guide to Southern Ontario Place Names           CAN       ONT                                       ATL       4

Guide to Ontario Land Registry Records, A     CAN       ONT                                       LND       1

Guide to Windsor ENG                                                       HIS         1

Guide to Irish Parish Registers , A     IRL                                                        IND        1

Guide to Research at the Genealogical Library , A                                                                          RES        9

Guide to Genealogical Sources for Hampshire , A            ENG                                                       RES        12

Guide to German Parish Registers; vol. 1 , A    EUR                                                       RES        2

Guide to the L.D.S. Family History Library , A                                                                                RES        11

Guide to Ontario Holdings of the Anglican Church         CAN       ONT                                       DIR        11

Guide to Ontario Cemetery Transcribing, A     CAN       ONT                                       CEM      4

Hail Caledonia Edinburgh and Land of Scots   SCT                                                        RES        14

Halton County Cemeteries  CAN       ONT       HLT                       CEM      4

Hamilton Branch, O.G.S. - Members' Interest; 1990        CAN       ONT       WNT                      IND        1

Hammond Burial Ground, Gotham   CAN       ONT       PER        ELM      CEM      3

Handbook of Irish Genealogy             IRL                                                        RES        1

Handy Book for Genealogists                                                                              RES        12

Hanover - Crispen Cemetery              CAN       ONT       B&G      BEN       CEM      1

Harold Joshua Allin             CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      3

Harpurhey Presbyterian Cemetery    CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       CEM      3

Harris/Howick Abandoned Baptist Cemetery   CAN       ONT       HUR       HOW     CEM      5

Harriston Cemetery             CAN       ONT       W&W    MIN       CEM      3

Harry Dear            CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      48

Harry John Brimicombe      CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      14

Harry Mathis Bradley          CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      12

Harry R. Cantelon                CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      26

Hay Bay Methodist Church 1860-1910              CAN       ONT       PTR                        HIS         2

Hay Township Highlights; 1846-1996                CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         1

Hay Township Evangelical Congregation 1850 - 1948     CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       BMD      1

Hay Township Evangelical Congregation 1850 - 1948 Index           CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       BMD      2

Hay Township Telephone System       CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         12

Hay Township Highlights; 1846-1996                CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         2

Hay Township-Past to Present            CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         11

Hayden's Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery           CAN       ONT       HUR       HOW     CEM      3

Help! I've Inherited an Attic Full of History Vol. 2          CAN       ONT                                       RES        31

Help! I've Inherited an Attic Full of History     CAN       ONT                                       RES        30

Henry Irmie Dougall            CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      53

Henry Wendall Colborne    CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      42

Hensall, A Beautiful Place to Live      CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         17

Hensall Presbyterian Church - Marriages 1896 - 1916(Storeroom)                CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       BMD      4

Hensall Presbyterian Church - Marriages 1896 - 1916(Storeroom)                CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       BMD      3

Hensall Union Cemetery      CAN       ONT       HUR       USB        CEM      6

Heraldry in England            ENG                                                       RES        13

Here Be Dragons, Too          CAN                                                       RES        3

Here Be Dragons! Navigating the Hazards Found In Canadian Family Research        CAN                                                       RES        2

Heritage of Lob & East Williamso, 1820-1990  CAN       ONT       MDD                      HIS         1

Heroes in Waiting: 160th Bruce Battalion         CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         7

Hibbert Review 1953 , A      CAN       ONT       PER        HIB        HIS         5

Hibbert Review Part 2 , A   CAN       ONT       PER        HIB        HIS         4

Hibbert Review 1953 , A      CAN       ONT       PER        HIB        HIS         6

Hick's Abandoned Bible Christian Cemetery    CAN       ONT       HUR       STE        CEM      2

Highland Paths - Tales of Glengarry  CAN       ONT       GLE                       HIS         1

Hills of Home: North Easrhope Township 1827 - 1997 , The           CAN       ONT       PER                        HIS         11

Hillsgreen              CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         6

Hillsgreen Cemetery             CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       CEM      7

Hillsgreen in Olden Days     CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         7

Historic Guelph    CAN       ONT       W&W                    HIS         1

Historic Hastings  CAN       ONT       HST                        HIS         1

Historic Look at the Township of Logan , A      CAN       ONT       PER        LOG       HIS         1

Historic Streetscapes of Huron County              CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         36

Historic Streetscapes of Huron County              CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         1

Historical Alias of Perth County; 1982               CAN       ONT        PER                       ATL       2

Historical Atlas of Huron County -- 1984          CAN       ONT       HUR                       ATL       4

Historical Atlas of Stormont, Dunda, and Glengarry, 1879, Index                 CAN       ONT       STR                        ATL       2

Historical Atlas of Huron County -- 1984          CAN       ONT       HUR                       ATL       3

Historical Heritage -- St. Joseph's, Kingsbridge                CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       HIS         6

Historical Notes of the Huron County Historical Society                 CAN       ONT       HUR                       NLR       1

Historical Sketch of St. Thomas' Anglican Church          CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        HIS         5

Historical Sketch of St. Thomas" Anglican Church         CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        HIS         6

Historical Sketches of Clifford; 1885-1967        CAN       ONT       HUR       HOW     HIS         1

Historical Sketches of Clifford            CAN       ONT       W&W    MIN       HIS         1

History of Clinton and Surrounding Community             CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        HIS         2

History of Clinton and Surrounding Community             CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        HIS         1

History of Sydenham Township 1967                 CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         6

History of Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church  CAN       ONT       HUR       EXE       HIS         6

History of McKillop Township:Index for , A     CAN       ONT       HUR       MCK      HIS         3

History of Our District: Whitefield and Breezelawn , A   CAN       MAN                                      HIS         23

History of Hibbert Township, 1846-1996 , A     CAN       ONT       PER        HIB        HIS         1

History of Tuckersmith , A  CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       HIS         7

History of Tuckersmith , A  CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       HIS         8

History of Tuckersmith: Index for , A                CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       HIS         7A

History of McKillop Township , A      CAN       ONT       HUR       MCK      HIS         2B

History of Tuckersmith:Index for , A                 CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       HIS         8A

History of McKillop Township , A      CAN       ONT       HUR       MCK      HIS         2

History of McKillop Township: Index for , A    CAN       ONT       HUR       MCK      HIS         2A

History of Knox United Church Belgrave 1864 - 1999     CAN       ONT       HUR       EWA      HIS         15

History of Electricity in Clinton          CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        HIS         6

History of East Wawanosh Township 1867-1967              CAN       ONT       HUR       EWA      HIS         3

History of East Wawanosh Township 1867-1967              CAN       ONT       HUR       EWA      HIS         2

History of the Township of Ashfield, Western Division    CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       HIS         7

History of East Wawanosh Township 1867-1967              CAN       ONT       HUR       EWA      HIS         1

History of the Township of Ashfield, Western Division    CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       HIS         8

History of Port Albert          CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       HIS         11

History of Morning Star Lodge          CAN       ONT       HUR       COL       HIS         8

History of Zurich: 125 years of progress            CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         5

History of Stephen Township:Index for             CAN       ONT       HUR       STE        HIS         5

History of Auburn, 1848-1973             CAN       ONT       HUR       WWA     HIS         3

History of Auburn, 1848-1973             CAN       ONT       HUR       WWA     HIS         4

History of Stephen Township              CAN       ONT       HUR       STE        HIS         2

History of Zurich: 125 years of progress            CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         5B

History of Stephen Township              CAN       ONT       HUR       STE        HIS         1

History of Stephen Township:Index for             CAN       ONT       HUR       STE        HIS         6

History of Stanley Township, 1836-1986            CAN       ONT       HUR       STA        HIS         2

History of Zurich: 125 years of progress :Index for         CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       HIS         5A

History of Turnberry           CAN       ONT       HUR       TUR       HIS         5

History of Hullett Township; 1848-1977            CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       HIS         6

History of Goderich Township            CAN       ONT       HUR       GOD      HIS         4

History of Grey     CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         12

History of Morris  CAN       ONT       HUR       MOR      HIS         5

History of Stanley Township, 1836-1986            CAN       ONT       HUR       STA        HIS         1

History of Stanley Township, 1836-1987:Index for           CAN       ONT       HUR       STA        HIS         5

History of Stanley Township, 1836-1986:Index for           CAN       ONT       HUR       STA        HIS         4

History of Goderich Township            CAN       ONT       HUR       GOD      HIS         3

History of the County of Bruce           CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         5

History of Perth County to 1967         CAN       ONT       PER                        HIS         1

History of Wellington County             CAN       ONT       W&W                    HIS         2

History of Bryanston United Church, London Twp.        CAN       ONT       MDD                      HIS         3

History of Clinton; 1875-1975 , The   CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        HIS         5

History of Clinton 1875 - 1975 , The   CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        HIS         8

History of Blanshard in Review; 1951 , The      CAN       ONT       PER        BLA       HIS         3

History of Your Home , The                                                                OGS       RES        9

History of Derby Township 1839 - 1972             CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         18

History ofHulfett Township; 1848-1977             CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       HIS         7

History ofLucknow U.C.C.; 1862-1985 , A        CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       HIS         5

Holmesville Memorial Cairn               CAN       ONT       HUR       GOD      CEM      3

Holmesville United Church                 CAN       ONT       HUR       GOD      HIS         2

Home Knowledge Atlas , The              WLD                                                      ATL       1

Home Words         CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         8

Hometown History               CAN       ONT                                       RES        13

Hope Cemetery     CAN       ONT       B&G      HUR       CEM      2

Hope Chapel Cemetery        CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       CEM      10

Hope Church Cemetery       CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       CEM      5

Householder's Directory 1932             CAN       ONT       HUR                       DIR        6

How to Create Your Family Tree Book             CAN       ONT       HUR                       RES        7

How to Create Your Family Tree Book             CAN       ONT       HUR                       RES        6

Hullett Lot Owners to 1990                 CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       HIS         9

Hullett Lot Owners Concessions 1 - 9 to 1990   CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       DIR        1

Hunter's Abandoned Methodist Cemetery        CAN       ONT       HUR       HOW     CEM      1

Huron County Branch, O.G.S. - Research Reports; 1983-1994       CAN       ONT       HUR                       RES        1

Huron County in Pioneer Times         CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         31

Huron County Marriages From 1869 - 1873 Vol. 1          CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      42

Huron County Teachers Who Served in W.W.I               CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         19

Huron County Cemetery Histories     CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         34

Huron County Business Inventory 1991            CAN       ONT       HUR                       DIR        7

Huron County Marriages From 1869 - 1873 Vol. 1          CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      43

Huron County Museum Archives Holdings List               CAN       ONT       HUR                       RES        3

Huron County In Pioneer Times         CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         3

Huron County Branch, OGS Silver Anniversary Collection of Family Histories          CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      22

Huron County Branch, OGS Silver Anniversary Collection of Family Histories          CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      21

Huron County Cemetery Reference List            CAN       ONT       HUR                       CEM      1

Huron County Branch Members' Pedigree Charts: Vol. 1-5           CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      20

Huron County Teachers Who Served in W.W.I               CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         20

Huron County Branch, O.G.S. - Research Queries; 1983-1994       CAN       ONT       HUR                       RES        2

Huron County Marriages From 1869 - 1873 Vol. 2          CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      44

Huron County Extracts From the 1857 Directory of Ontario          CAN       ONT       HUR                       DIR        11

Huron County Industries in the 1871 Census    CAN       ONT       HUR                       CEN       3

Huron County Map Book 2002-2003  CAN       ONT       HUR                       ATL       10

Huron County Map Book 2002-2003  CAN       ONT       HUR                       ATL       9

Huron County Churches     CAN       ONT       HUR                       IND        1

Huron County Maps            CAN       ONT       HUR                       ATL       5

Huron County Extracts from the 1857 Directory of Ontario           CAN       ONT       HUR                       DIR        1

Huron County Strays                                                           OGS       IND        13

Huron County Branch Members' Pedigree Charts: Vol. 1-5           CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      19

Huron Perth Presbytery United Church of Canada         CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         13

Huron Township Cemetery Listings  CAN       ONT       B&G      HUR       CEM      11

Huronview Cairn  CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       CEM      5

Immaculate Conception Cemetery; Formosa    CAN       ONT       B&G      CAR       CEM      6

Importance of Liberty , The                CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        HIS         20

Importance of Liberty , The                CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         14

Important Genealogical Collections in Ontario                 CAN       ONT                                       DIR        20

In Quest of Yesterday: Haliburton County 356                CAN       ONT       HLB                       HIS         1

In Search of Lanark             CAN       ONT       LNK                       HIS         3

In Search of Your Scottish Ancestors                                                                 OGS       RES        60

In Search of Army Ancestry                                                                                RES        6

In the Days of the Canada Company  CAN       ONT                                       HIS         19

Inactive Cemeteries in Biddulph Township       CAN       ONT       MDD      BID        CEM      15

Inactive Cemeteries in Biddulph Township       CAN       ONT       MDD      BID        CEM      8

Index for The History of Clinton; 1875-1975     CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        HIS         5A

Index for History of Clinton and Surrounding Community            CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        HIS         2A

Index for Huron County in Pioneer Times        CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         31A

Index for History of East Wawanosh Township 1867-1967             CAN       ONT       HUR       EWA      HIS         1A

Index for Corporation of the Village of Bayfield History 1876 - 1985             CAN       ONT       HUR       BAY       HIS         2A

Index for Corporation of the Village of Bayfield History 1876 - 1985             CAN       ONT       HUR       BAY       HIS         1A

Index for Frontier Ways to Modern Days         CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       HIS         1A

Index for From Bush Trails to Present Tales    CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       HIS         2A

Index for From Bush Trails to Present Tales    CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       HIS         2B

Index for History of Clinton and Surrounding Community            CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        HIS         1A

Index for Frontier Ways to Modern Days         CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       HIS         10A

Index for The Old Log School             CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         8A

Index for Paths of History in Perth and Huron                 CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         7A

Index for Huron County In Pioneer Times        CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         3A

Index for The Story of Seaforth          CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        HIS         11A

Index for History of Hullett Township; 1848-1977           CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       HIS         6A

Index for 100 Years of Memories, 1879-1979    CAN       ONT       HUR       WIN       HIS         1A

Index for 100 Years of Memories, 1879-1979    CAN       ONT       HUR       WIN       HIS         1B

Index for Morris Township Past to Present       CAN       ONT       HUR       MOR      HIS         1A

Index for The Story ofSeaforth, 1867-1967        CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        HIS         1A

Index for Memories of Goderich         CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      HIS         1A

Index for History ofHulfett Township; 1848-1977            CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       HIS         7A

Index for Morris Township Past to Present       CAN       ONT       HUR       MOR      HIS         1B

Index for Memories of Goderich         CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      HIS         1B

Index for North Bay             CAN       ONT       NPS                        HIS         1A

Index for North Bay             CAN       ONT       NPS                        HIS         1B

Index for The History of Clinton; 1875-1975     CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        HIS         5B

Index Huron County Atlas 1879         CAN       ONT       HUR                       IND        2

Index of Passengers to Canada 1817 - 1850       CAN                                                       HIS         8

Index of Land Claim Certificates of Upper Canadian Militiamen; 1812-1814              CAN       ONT                                       DIR        4

Index of Jewish Residents in NB, NS, PEI         CAN                                                       CEN       5

Index of Passengers to Canada 1817 - 1849       CAN                                                       HIS         7

Index of Jews Resident in Western Canada 1870 & 1901                CAN                                                       IND        2

Index of Townships of Ontario 1992  CAN       ONT                                       ATL       8

Index of Jews Resident in Province of Quebec  CAN       QUE                                       CEN       1

Index of Jews Resident in Newfoudland            CAN       NL                                          RES        2

Index of Passengers Who Emigrated to Canada - 1817 & 1849      CAN                                                       IND        1

Index to the OGS Strays Project Volume 4 , An                                                               OGS       IND        5

Index to the OGS Strays Project -- Volume 3 , An                                                            OGS       IND        3

Index to the OGS Strays Project -- Volume 1 , An                                                            OGS       IND        1

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Vol. 9 1839-41         CAN       ONT                                       RES        45

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Vol. 3 1817 - 1820   CAN       ONT                                       RES        35

Index to Niagara Conference Methodist Episcopal Church Baptismal Register 1849-1886; Part 1 (A-K)                 CAN       ONT       BMD      1

Index to Niagara Conference Methodist Episcopal Church Baptismal Register 1849-1886; Part 2 (L-Z)                  CAN       ONT       BMD      2

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Vol. 2 1798 - 18505                 CAN       ONT                                       RES        46

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Vol. 1 1787 - 1897   CAN       ONT                                       RES        47

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 1 Vol. 1-4          CAN       ONT                                       BMD      7

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Feb. 1787 - Feb. 1841             CAN       ONT                                       RES        48

Index to the OGS Strays Project -- Volume 2 , An                                                            OGS       IND        2

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 2 Vol. 4-10        CAN       ONT                                       BMD      8

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 2 Vol. 4-10        CAN       ONT                                       BMD      9

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Vol. 4 1817 - 1820   CAN       ONT                                       RES        36

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 3 Vol. 11-16      CAN       ONT                                       BMD      10

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 3 Vol. 11-16      CAN       ONT                                       BMD      11

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 4 Vol. 17-21      CAN       ONT                                       BMD      12

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 4 Vol. 17-21      CAN       ONT                                       BMD      13

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 5 Vol. 22-26      CAN       ONT                                       BMD      14

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 5 Vol. 22-26      CAN       ONT                                       BMD      15

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 6 Vol. 27-31      CAN       ONT                                       BMD      16

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 6 Vol. 27-31      CAN       ONT                                       BMD      17

Index to the Family History Files at the Huron County Museum   CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      23

Index to Ontario's Census Records    CAN       ONT                                       CEN       5

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Vol. 5 1821 - 1826   CAN       ONT                                       RES        38

Index to Sr. Paul’s Anlican Church   CAN       ONT       HUR       CLI        BMD      12

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Vol. 7 1833 - 1835   CAN       ONT                                       RES        43

Index to Colborne Connections 1836-1986        CAN       ONT       HUR       COL       HIS         5A

Index to Colborne Connections 1836-1986        CAN       ONT       HUR       COL       HIS         4A

Index to: Blyth A Village Portrait      CAN       ONT       HUR       EWA      HIS         14

Index to: 100 Years of Municipal Government; 1850-1950              CAN       ONT       HUR       COL       HIS         3a

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Vol. 6 1827 - 1832   CAN       ONT                                       RES        42

Index to: Recollections of Colborne Township; 1967        CAN       ONT       HUR       COL       HIS         2a

Index to Overseas Dearhs of Ont. Servicemen & Service Women 1939 - 1947 - M-Z   CAN       ONT       HIS         38B

Index to Overseas Dearhs of Ont. Servicemen & Service Women 1939 - 1947 - A-L    CAN       ONT       HIS         38A

Index to Marriage Registrations 1869-1873: Book 1 Vol. 1-4          CAN       ONT                                       BMD      6

Index to Belle Campbell's Scrapbook                 CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        IND        2

Index to Belle Campbell's Scrapbook                 CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        IND        1

Index to Hensall Presbyterian Church - Marriages 1896 - 1916(Storeroom)                 CAN       ONT       HUR       HAY       BMD      5

Index to 1878 Biddulph Township Map             CAN       ONT       MDD      BID        IND        1

Index to Land Settlement in Thunder Bay District           CAN       ONT       THN                       IND        1

Index to 1878 McGillivray Township Map        CAN       ONT       MDD      MCG      IND        1

Index to Ontario Settlement Names Resulting From OGS Strays Project                                                     OGS       IND        4

Index to Families; Volumes 11-15:17                                                                 OGS       NLR       1

Index to the Townlands and Towns. Parishes and Baronies of Ireland          IRL                                                        IND        2

Index to OGS Bulletin and Families                                                   OGS       NLR       5

Index to OGS Families                                                         OGS       NLR       6

Index to Upper Canada Land Books Vol. 8 1836-38         CAN       ONT                       RES        44

Index yo OGS Families                                                        OGS       NLR       8

Indexes to Ontario Census Records: An Inventory          CAN       ONT                                       CEN       1

Indian Affairs Records at the National Archives of Canada            CAN                                                       RES        7

Inhabitants of Toronto, 1846               CAN       ONT       YRK                       DIR        5

Inhabitants of York County, 1850      CAN       ONT       YRK                       DIR        1

Inhabitants of Toronto, 1850               CAN       ONT       YRK                       DIR        3

Inheritance in Ontario                                                         OGS       RES        59

Inn Roads to Ancestry: Vol. 1; Head of the Lake and Niagara       CAN       ONT                                       HIS         14

Innisfil Twp. Centennial 1850 - 1950  CAN       ONT       SIM                        HIS         1

INNROADS to Ancestry - Pioneer Inns of Ontario Vol. II              CAN       ONT                                       HIS         36

Intro to Genealogical Reseach                                                             OGS       RES        33

Introduction to the L.D.S. Genealogical Library                                                                              RES        10

Inventory of the Canada Company Records at the Ontario Archives            CAN       ONT                                       HIS         16

Inventory of Recorded Cemeteries in Ontario --1983       CAN       ONT                                       CEM      1

Inventory of Ontario Newspapers; 1793-1986   CAN       ONT                                       DIR        9

Inventory of the Canada Company Records at the Ontario Archives            CAN       ONT                                       HIS         15

Inventory of Cemeteries in Ontario - 1987        CAN       ONT                                       CEM      2

Inventory of Services Provided by OGS Branches-1996 , An                                                          OGS       POL       2

Irish Migrants in the Canadas            CAN                                                       HIS         1

J. A. D. McCurdy Public School 1952 - 2000     CAN       ONT       HUR       STE        HIS         10

Jack O. Carter      CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      31

James Gordon Brown          CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      19

James St. United Church - Exeter 1932             CAN       ONT       HUR       EXE       HIS         13

James William Boyes           CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      11

Jews Resident in Ontario     CAN       ONT                                       RES        41

John Cuthbertson                 CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      46

John James Brooks              CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      16

John Thomas Boardman     CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      10

Joseph Craig         CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      45

Kent County Marriages: Vol.1 1857-1869         CAN       ONT       KNT                       BMD      1

Kent County Marriages: Vol.2 1857-1869         CAN       ONT       KNT                       BMD      2

Kilty Cemeteries   CAN       ONT       L&G                      CEM      2

Kinburn-Constance Cemetery            CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       CEM      1

Kincardine Cemetery           CAN       ONT       B&G                      CEM      1

Kincardine Township History             CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         2

Kinlough Methodist Cemetery            CAN       ONT       B&G      KIN        CEM      1

Kintail Cemetery  CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       CEM      10

Kintail Cemetery  CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       CEM      9

Kintail Cemetery  CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       CEM      11

Kippen and its Families - Index          CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       HIS         20

Kippen and its Families       CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       HIS         11

Kippen and its Families       CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       HIS         12

Kippen's St. Andrew's Church, 1867-1967        CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       HIS         10

Kippen's St. Andrew's Church, 1867-1967        CAN       ONT       HUR       TUC       HIS         9

Kirk in Seaforth 1955 , The                 CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        HIS         18

Kirk in Seaforth 1955 , The                 CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        HIS         13

Kirkton Canada Presbyterian Cemetery           CAN       ONT       HUR       USB        CEM      2

Kirkton Union Cemetery     CAN       ONT       HUR       USB        CEM      7

Kirkton United Church - 1925 - 1975                 CAN       ONT       HUR       USB        HIS         6

Kith & Kin of Kinloss          CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         16

Kith & Kin of Kinloss          CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         15

Knox 16 Presbyterian Cemetery, Trafalgar Twp.             CAN       ONT       HLT                       CEM      3

Knox Presbyterian Cemetery; Cranbrook         CAN       ONT       HUR       GRY       CEM      3

Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Mitchell              CAN       ONT       PER        LOG       CEM      8

Knox United Church, Auburn 1925 - 1958        CAN       ONT       HUR       WWA     HIS         15

L.D.S. Genealogical Research Guide for England, 1991  ENG                                                       RES        4

L.D.S. Genealogical Research Guide for England, 1983  ENG                                                       RES        2

L.D.S. Genealogical Research Guide for England, 1991  ENG                                                       RES        3

L.D.S. Research Outline: Tracing Immigrant Origins                                                                     RES        29

L.D.S. Research Outline: Tracing Immigrant Origins                                                                     RES        30

Lake Valley Grove Cemetery              CAN       ONT       LMB      BOS        CEM      9

Lakelet Cemetery CAN       ONT       HUR       HOW     CEM      11

Lakelet Mennonite Cemetery              CAN       ONT       HUR       HOW     CEM      15

Lambton Resources for Family History Research            CAN       ONT       LMB                      RES        1

Lanark County - 1871 Census Index  CAN       ONT       LNK                       CEN       1

Lanark County - 1842 Census Records              CAN       ONT       LNK                       CEN       4

Lanark County - 1820 Location Report             CAN       ONT       LNK                       DIR        1

Lanark - Early Settlers 1820 - 1822 + Col. Marshall’s 1834 Report               CAN       ONT       LNK                       DIR        2

Lanark Papers: Bathurst Coirier & Ottawa Gazette Aug. 1834 - Nov. 1837                 CAN       ONT       LNK                       HIS         5

Lanark, Perth and Richmond Military Settlements; v.1, 1820-1822 Census                  CAN       ONT       LNK                       CEN       2

Lanark, Perth and Richmond Military Settlements; v.2, 1817-1822 Census                  CAN       ONT       LNK                       CEN       3

Lanark Society Settlers , The              CAN       ONT       LNK                       HIS         1

Lanark Society Settlers: Ships'Lists of the Glasgow Emigration Society, 1821 - The                   CAN       ONT       LNK                       HIS         4

Land Records in Ontario Registry Offices         CAN       ONT                                       LND       2

Landscapes of Memory        CAN       ONT                                       RES        28A

Landscapes of Memory        CAN       ONT                                       RES        28

Langside (Tiffin's) Cemetery               CAN       ONT       B&G      KIN        CEM      2

Lawrence Elwin Dobson      CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      51

LDS Family Search                                                                              RES        37

Leamington's Heritage         CAN       ONT       ESS        LEA       HIS         7

Leeds County Cemeteries    CAN       ONT       L&G                      CEM      1

Legacy of Logan   CAN       ONT       PER        LOG       HIS         3

Leith U. C. 100th Anniversary            CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         10

Lennox Links: An Ancestor's Guide to Genealogical Resources     SCT                                                        RES        12

Leo David Chisholn              CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      39

Lest We Forget 161st Battalion of Huron - Index              CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         23

Lest We Forget 161st Battalion of Huron           CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         22

Lewis Cemetery    CAN       ONT       B&G      HUR       CEM      3

Lewis Colony Cemetery       CAN       ONT       MDD      MCG      CEM      1

Library Holdings of the Alberta Genealogical Society     CAN       ALB                                       LIB         1

Lieury Baptist Cemetery     CAN       ONT       MDD      MCG      CEM      2

Lincoln County 1856 - 2956                 CAN       ONT       LNC                       HIS         3

Lindsay Burrows  CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      24

Lines of Howick - 2 Vol. Set , The       CAN       ONT       HUR       HOW     HIS         6

Lines of Howick - 2 Vol. Set , The       CAN       ONT       HUR       HOW     HIS         7

Listings of Names Being Researched  CAN       ONT       LMB                      RES        2

Lobo & East Williams Twp.                CAN       ONT       MDD      LOB       HIS         1

Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities 1991 - 2007      CAN       ONT                                       HIS         40

Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities          CAN       ONT                                       DIR        23

Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities; 1951-1977      CAN       ONT                                       DIR        12

Lochalsh Cemetery              CAN       ONT       HUR       ASH       CEM      6

Londesboro United Church; 1898-1973             CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       HIS         3

Londesboro United Church; 1898-1948             CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       HIS         5

Londesboro United Cemetery             CAN       ONT       HUR       HUL       CEM      11

London District Marriage Register; 1800-1833                 CAN       ONT                                       BMD      3

London Free Press; Name Index -- Jan. 1,1849 to July 1, 1861       CAN       ONT       MDD                      IND        1

London Street Finder           ENG                                                       ATL       1

Lost Names and Places of Eastern Ontario        CAN       ONT                                       ATL       5

Louis Maitland Carey          CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      28

Louisa Clark's Annual; 1841               CAN       ONT                                       HIS         13

Louise (Municipality) and Her Farmers            CAN       MAN                                      HIS         8

Lowell's Directory 1871 - Bruce, Grey and Huron Counties           CAN       ONT                                       DIR        21

Loyal She Remains: A Pictorial History of Ontario          CAN       ONT                                       HIS         3

Loyalist Lists Extracted from the Haldimand Papers      CAN       ONT       HLD                       IND        1

Loyalist Settlements 1783-1789           CAN       ONT                                       ATL       2

Loyalists in Ontario , The    CAN       ONT                                       HIS         4

Lucan 125 Yr. Souvenir Booklet 1871 - 1996     CAN       ONT       MDD      BID        HIS         3

Lucknow Sentinel BMD’s 1890 - 1905               CAN       ONT       B&G                      BMD      7

Lucknow Sentinel BMD’s 1875 - 1889               CAN       ONT       B&G                      BMD      6

Lucknow The Place We Call Home    CAN       ONT       B&G                      HIS         17

Lurgan Black Angle Cemetery           CAN       ONT       B&G      HUR       CEM      4

Main St. United Church - Exeter 1895 - 1945    CAN       ONT       HUR       EXE       HIS         12

Maitland Cemetery              CAN       ONT       HUR       GOD      CEM      1

Maitland Cemetery - Master Index    CAN       ONT       HUR       GOD      CEM      2

Maitlandbank Cemetery      CAN       ONT       HUR       MCK      CEM      3

Mark Arnold         CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      1

Mark Settlement Burying Ground     CAN       ONT       MDD      MCG      CEM      4

Markham Berczy Settlers    CAN       ONT                                       RES        15

Marriage Bonds of Ontario; 1803-1834             CAN       ONT                                       BMD      21

Marriage Bonds of Ontario; 1803-1834             CAN       ONT                                       BMD      20

Marriage Notices of Ontario; 1813-1854            CAN       ONT                                       BMD      25

Marriage Notices of Ontario; 1813-1854            CAN       ONT                                       BMD      24

Marriage Records of Rev. Hill 1838 - 1858        CAN       ONT       HLD                       BMD      2

Marriage Records of Essex County; 1858-1864                CAN       ONT       ESS                        BMD      1

Marriage Register of Elimville            CAN       ONT       HUR       USB        BMD      1

Marriage Register of the Western District; 1796-1856     CAN       ONT                                       BMD      4

Marriage Register of Upper Canada Huron District 1841 - 1857    CAN       ONT                                       BMD      73

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 8, Pt. 2 Johnstown District           CAN       ONT                                       BMD      55

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Vol. 8 Part 1 Johnstown District; 1799-1851    CAN       ONT                                       BMD      50

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 14 Western District 1786 - 1856                  CAN       ONT                                       BMD      58

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Vol. 1 Talbot District; 1837-1857      CAN       ONT                                       BMD      42

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 14 Western District 1786 - 1857                  CAN       ONT                                       BMD      59

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Vol. 5 Bathurst District; 1831-1852                   CAN       ONT                                       BMD      46

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Vol. 7 Part 2 Newcastle District; 1848-1855     CAN       ONT                                       BMD      49

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Vol. 6 Ottawa District; 1816-1853     CAN       ONT                                       BMD      47

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 5 Bathurst District 1831 - 1852   CAN       ONT                                       BMD      60

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Vol. 2 Brock District; 1839-1857       CAN       ONT                                       BMD      43

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Huron District - 1841-1870                CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      3

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Vol. 7 Part 1 Newcastle District; 1810-1848     CAN       ONT                                       BMD      48

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 11, Pt. 1 Home District 1808 - 1836             CAN       ONT                                       BMD      61

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 17 Prince Edward District 1833 - 1849       CAN       ONT                                       BMD      70

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 16 Simcoe District 1842 - 1857    CAN       ONT                                       BMD      69

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Huron District - 1841-1870                CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      4

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 15 Victoria District 1839 - 1858                   CAN       ONT                                       BMD      68

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 13 Gore District 1842 - 1856        CAN       ONT                                       BMD      67

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Vol. 4 Part 2 London District; 1842-1852         CAN       ONT                                       BMD      45

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 12 Eastern District 1801 - 1865   CAN       ONT                                       BMD      66

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 10 Colborne District 1841 - 1857                CAN       ONT                                       BMD      65

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 11, Pt. 4 Home District 1848 - 1857             CAN       ONT                                       BMD      64

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Vol. 4 Part 1 London District; 1795-1841         CAN       ONT                                       BMD      44

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 11, Pt. 2 Home District 1835 - 1843             CAN       ONT                                       BMD      62

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada: Huron District - 1841-1870                CAN       ONT       HUR                       BMD      5

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada, Vol 9, Part 1, Wellington District, 1840-1852   CAN       ONT       W&W                    BMD      3

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada, Vol 9, Part 1, Wellington District, 1840-1852   CAN       ONT       W&W                    BMD      4

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada, Vol 9, Part 2, Wellington District, 185 - 1857   CAN       ONT       W&W                    BMD      5

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada Vol. 11, Pt. 3 Home District 1843 - 1849             CAN       ONT                                       BMD      63

Marriages for Auburn Charge 1896 - 1922       CAN       ONT       HUR       WWA     BMD      1

Marriages of Waterloo 1869 - 1872    CAN       ONT       W&W                    BMD      6

Marriages of Wellington Vol. 2 1869 - 1872       CAN       ONT       W&W                    BMD      8

Marriages of Wellington Vol. 1 1869 - 1872       CAN       ONT       W&W                    BMD      7

Mayne Methodist Cemetery                CAN       ONT       PER        WAL      CEM      10

McCabe List: Early Irish in the Ottawa Valley                 CAN       ONT       CRL                       IND        1

McCrae's Cemetery             CAN       ONT       HUR       MOR      CEM      4

 McCutcheon Anglican Cemetery        CAN       ONT       HUR       MOR      CEM      5

McDonald Tresher Company of Stratford        CAN       ONT       PER                        HIS         7

McGillivray Township Remembers, 1842-1992                CAN       ONT       MDD      MCG      HIS         2

McGillivray Township Remembers, 1842-1992                CAN       ONT       MDD      MCG      HIS         1

McKenzie Cemetery; Lochalsh           CAN       ONT       B&G      HUR       CEM      5

McKillop Township: By-Law #5 of 1935            CAN       ONT       HUR       MCK      HIS         1

Mclntosh United Cemetery  CAN       ONT       B&G      CAR       CEM      7

Mclntyre's Cemetery            CAN       ONT       PER        BLA       CEM      6

McTaggart's Cemetery        CAN       ONT       HUR       USB        CEM      8

Meadow Hill Cemetery        CAN       ONT       MDD      MCG      CEM      9

Melvilee Gordon Anderson CAN       ONT       HUR                       WWI      6

Members of Huron County Council   CAN       ONT       HUR                       RES        13

Memoir of Seaforth Public School      CAN       ONT       HUR       SEA        HIS         2

Memoirs of Cypress School District # 13          CAN       MAN                                      HIS         10

Memoirs of Downie - 2 Vol. Set           CAN       ONT       PER                        HIS         8

Memories of Goderich         CAN       ONT       HUR       GDH      HIS         1

Memories of School Days SS 10 East Wawanosh     CAN       ONT       HUR       EWA      HIS         16

Men of Upper Canada: Militia Nominal Rolls; 1828-1829               CAN       ONT                                       CEN       2

Men of Huron - Book of Honour & Remembrance 1936 - 1940 , The             CAN       ONT       HUR                       HIS         28

Mennonite Immigration To Waterloo County: The Moyer Journal             CAN         ONT         W&W      HIS           10

Methodist Missionary Report 1885-1886   CAN         ONT                                             HIS           9

Methodist Missionary Report 1885-1886   CAN         ONT                                             HIS           8

Meyer's Directory of Genealogical Societies in the U.S.A. and                                                                            RES          32

Midland's Past Inhabitants: Tombstone Inscriptions                   CAN         ONT         SIM                            CEM        1

Miigrove Cemetery  CAN         ONT         WNT                          CEM        2

Mildmay United Cemetery        CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        8

Mingling Memories - Red Deer East          CAN         ALB                                             HIS           1

Ml. Pleasant Cemetery; Ethel   CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEM        2

Molesworth Cemetery                CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEM        16

Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855            SCT                                                                RES          4

Morden    CAN         MAN                                            HIS           12

More Kilty Cemeteries               CAN         ONT         L&G                          CEM        3

More Notices from Methodist Papers; 1830-1857       CAN         ONT                                             BMD        29

More Notices from Methodist Papers; 1830-1857       CAN         ONT                                             BMD        28

More Notices from Ontario Methodist Papers; 1858-1872           CAN         ONT                                             BMD        30

More Notices from Ontario Methodist Papers; 1858-1872           CAN         ONT                                             BMD        31

More Obituaries From Ontario's Methodist Papers 1873 - 1884                  CAN         ONT                                             BMD        71

More Thames Ditton Tales & Scandals      ENG                                                               HIS           2

Morley Somerville Chapman    CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        36

Morris/McBurney Cemetery     CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         CEM        2

Morris Township, 1856-1956     CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        HIS           2

Morris Township Past to Present               CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        HIS           1

Morris Township Past to Present               CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        HIS           4

Mount Pleasant Cemetery         CAN         ONT         MDD        MCG        CEM        8

Mountberg Methodist Cemetery                CAN         ONT         WNT                          CEM        3

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Revised 19?          CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEM        3

Much to be Done-Private Life in Ontario from Victorian Diaries                CAN         ONT                                             HIS           7A

Much to be Done-Private Life in Ontario from Victorian Diaries                CAN         ONT                                             HIS           7

Mulvey's Cemetery  CAN         ONT         HUR         TUR         CEM        4

Municipal Records in Ontario 1868           CAN         ONT                                             HIS           37

Museum Musings Index             CAN         ONT         HUR         WIN         HIS           3

Museum Musings     CAN         ONT         HUR         WIN         HIS           2

My Memoirs - H. Baker of Bayfield           CAN         ONT         HUR         BAY         HIS           5

My Roots are in Blanshard        CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         HIS           2

Names Being Researched in the Toronto and York Region         CAN         ONT         YRK                           IND          1

Names Being Researched 1990 - 1994         CAN         ONT         B&G                          IND          4

Names Being Researched           CAN         ONT         B&G                          IND          3

Neil/Blackwell Cemetery           CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEM        14

Neil Cemetery           CAN         ONT         MDD        MCG        CEM        6

Neustadt Baptist Cemetery        CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        9

New Member's Kit - Alberts Genealogical Society     CAN         ALB                                             RES          1

Newfoundland Genealogical Resources     CAN         NL                                                RES          1

News Clippings Seaforth Area 1930 - 1950's - Index -(Scrapbook in Filing Cabinet)   CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           14

News Clippings Seaforth Area 1930 - 1950's Index + CD             CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           15

Newsleaf                                                        OGS         NLR         3

Newsline                                                        OGS         NLR         4

Newspapers and Genealogy                                                             OGS         RES          57

Nile United Church 1855 - 1955                  CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         HIS           10

North Bay                  CAN         ONT         NPS                            HIS           1

North Logan Cemetery, Harvey's               CAN         ONT         PER          LOG         CEM        6

North Norwich Pioneer              CAN         ONT         OXF                           CEM        1

North Norwich Old Brick          CAN         ONT         OXF                           CEM        2

North Street United Church; 1832-1982    CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        HIS           4

North York Library Canadiana Collection Pathfinders              CAN         ONT         YRK                           RES          2

North York Sources CAN         ONT         YRK                           RES          1

Northside United Church, 1864-1964         CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           7

Northside United Church, 1877-1977         CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           8

Norwich Village - Avery’s Lane                  CAN         ONT         OXF                           CEM        3

O. H. S. Bulletin        CAN         ONT                                             PER          1

O.G.S, Seminar- 1989                                                                       OGS         RES          18

Oakland Echoes 1879-1970        CAN         MAN                                            HIS           2

Obituaries from Ontario's Christian Guardian; 1861-1870         CAN         ONT                                             BMD        39

Obituaries from Ontario's Christian Guardian; 1861-1870         CAN         ONT                                             BMD        38

Obituaries from Ontario's Christian Guardian; 1873-1880         CAN         ONT                                             BMD        41

Obituaries from Ontario's Christian Guardian; 1873-1880         CAN         ONT                                             BMD        40

Obituaries From The Christian Guardian 1873 - 1884                CAN         ONT                                             BMD        56

Obituaries From The Christian Guardian 1873 - 1884                CAN         ONT                                             BMD        57

OGS Annual Report - 1986                                                             OGS         RES          11

OGS Annual Report - 1985                                                             OGS         RES          10

OGS Conference 2013                OGS         RES          39

OGS Conference - Wired Genealogy                                                                OGS         RES          53

OGS Conference 2014                                                                      OGS         RES          43

OGS Operation Manual                                                                  OGS         POL         1

OGS Rural Jog Strategy Fund                                                        OGS         RES          32

OGS Seminar - 1997                                                                        OGS         RES          24

OGS Seminar - 1995                                                                        OGS         RES          22

OGS Seminar 2012                                                         OGS         RES          31

OGS Seminar - 1996                                                                        OGS         RES          23

OGS Seminar - 1991                                                                        OGS         RES          19

OGS Seminar                                                                  OGS         RES          52

OGS Seminar- 1987                                                       OGS         RES          15

OGS Seminar- 1988                                                       OGS         RES          17

OGS Seminar- 1983                                                       OGS         RES          12

OGS Seminar- 1987                                                       OGS         RES          16

OGS Seminar- 1986                                                       OGS         RES          14

OGS Seminar- 1984                                                       OGS         RES          13

OGS Seminar- 1992                                                       OGS         RES          20

OGS Seminar- 1.993                                                                        OGS         RES          21

Oil Springs Cemetery, Enniskillen Twp.    CAN         ONT         LMB                          CEM        2

Old Cromarty Church Cemetery               CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEM        5

Old Harriston Cemetery            CAN         ONT         W&W      MIN         CEM        5

Old Landmarks , The                 CAN         ONT         LMB        BOS          HIS           3

Old Log House , The                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           9

Old Log House , The                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           11

Old Log School , The                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           8

Old Log House , The                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           10

Old Methodist/Prior (N) Cemeteries          CAN         ONT         B&G        BRT         CEM        7

Old Methodist Cemetery           CAN         ONT         HUR         USB          CEM        9

Old Methodist Burying Ground, Perth, Lanark County              CAN         ONT         LNK                           CEM        1

Old Presbyterian/North Brant Presbyterian/McDuff’s Corner Cemeteries                  CAN         ONT         B&G        BRT         CEM        4

Old Section Avondale Cemetery, Block D, Downie Twp.             CAN         ONT         PER                            CEM        3

Old Sotheran Cemetery             CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEM        2

Old St. Mary's Cemetery           CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         CEM        1

Olivet United (Verdun Methodist) Cemetery              CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         CEM        6

On the Back Roads   CAN         ONT                                             ATL         3

Once Upon a Time in Dungannon              CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         HIS           12

Ontarian Families; Vol. I and II                 CAN         ONT                                             HIS           5

Ontario    CAN         ONT                                             HIS           11

Ontario Archives: Report; Twenty-second 1933         CAN         ONT                                             RES          26

Ontario Archives: Report; First 1903        CAN         ONT                                             RES          16

Ontario Archives: Report; Twentieth 1931                 CAN         ONT                                             RES          24

Ontario Archives: Report; Nineteenth 1930                CAN         ONT                                             RES          23

Ontario Archives: Report; Eighteenth 1929                CAN         ONT                                             RES          22

Ontario Archives: Report; Seventeenth 1928              CAN         ONT                                             RES          21

Ontario Archives: Report; Thirteenth 1916                CAN         ONT                                             RES          20

Ontario Archives: Report; Eleventh 1914  CAN         ONT                                             RES          18

Ontario Archives: Report; Tenth 1913      CAN         ONT                                             RES          27

Ontario Archives: Report; Twenty-first 1932             CAN         ONT                                             RES          25

Ontario Archives; Report; Twelfth 1915   CAN         ONT                                             RES          19

Ontario Archives; Report; Ninth 1912       CAN         ONT                                             RES          17

Ontario Delayed Birth Abstracts 1860 -1874               CAN         ONT                                             BMD        53

Ontario Delayed Birth Abstracts 1860 -1874               CAN         ONT                                             BMD        54

Ontario Historic Sites, Museums, Galleries and Plaques             CAN         ONT                                             HIS           35

Ontario Marriage Notices; 1830-1856        CAN         ONT                                             BMD        22

Ontario Marriage Notices; 1830-1856        CAN         ONT                                             BMD        23

Ontario Photographers List; 1851-1900     CAN         ONT                                             DIR          3

Ontario Register, Vol. 7 #4        CAN         ONT                                             REG         20

Ontario Register, Vol. 7 Index  CAN         ONT                                             REG         21

Ontario Register, Vol. 8             CAN         ONT                                             REG         22

Ontario Register; Vol. 5             CAN         ONT                                             REG         11

Ontario Register; Vol. 7 #1        CAN         ONT                                             REG         18

Ontario Register; Vol. 6 #2        CAN         ONT                                             REG         14

Ontario Register; Vol. 1 #1        CAN         ONT                                             REG         1

Ontario Register; Vol. 7 #2 and #3             CAN         ONT                                             REG         19

Ontario Register; Vol. 5             CAN         ONT                                             REG         12

Ontario Register; Vol. 6 #3        CAN         ONT                                             REG         15

Ontario Register; Vol. 1 #2        CAN         ONT                                             REG         2

Ontario Register; Vol. 1 #3        CAN         ONT                                             REG         3

Ontario Register; Vol. 2             CAN         ONT                                             REG         4

Ontario Register; Vol. 3             CAN         ONT                                             REG         5

Ontario Register; Vol. 6 Index  CAN         ONT                                             REG         17

Ontario Register; Vol. 6 #4        CAN         ONT                                             REG         16

Ontario Register; Vol. 4 #1        CAN         ONT                                             REG         6

Ontario Register; Vol. 4 #2        CAN         ONT                                             REG         7

Ontario Register; Vol. 4 #3        CAN         ONT                                             REG         8

Ontario Register; Vol. 4 #4        CAN         ONT                                             REG         9

Ontario Register; Vol. 6 #1        CAN         ONT                                             REG         13

Ontario Register; Vol. 4 Index  CAN         ONT                                             REG         10

Ontario Research Syllabus        CAN         ONT                                             RES          2

Ontario St. United Church Marriage Records 1896-1976 Pt. 2   CAN         ONT         HUR         CLI          BMD        2

Ontario St. United Church Marriage Records 1896-1976 Pt. 1   CAN         ONT         HUR         CLI          BMD        1

Ontario Vital Statistics: Huron County Deaths -1869-1879         CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        18

Ontario's Century Farms Past and Present                 CAN         ONT                                             HIS           6

Ontario's Photographers List Vol. 2 1901 - 1925         CAN         ONT                                             DIR          22

Osborne Family Plot Cemetery                   CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         CEM        7

Ottawa Branch, O.G.S.: Library Holdings, 1979        CAN         ONT         CRL                           RES          1

Ottawa Branch, O.G.S.: Surname Supplement 1979  CAN         ONT         CRL                           IND          2

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery      CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          CEM        5

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 1887-1987     CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          HIS           3

Our Story: From Ainleyville to Brussels; 1872-1997  CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         HIS           8

Our Story: From Ainleyville to Brussels; 1872-1997  CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         HIS           7

Overall Index To the 1861 Huron County Census      CAN         ONT         HUR                           CEN         4

Palermo United Church Cemetery, Trafalgar Twp.   CAN         ONT         HLT                           CEM        2

Palmerston Cemetery                CAN         ONT         W&W      MIN         CEM        2

Parish Churches and Nonconformist Chapels of Wales: Their Records      WAL                                                              RES          1

Parish of Kilcooley   IRL                                                                HIS           1

Parish Registers of Wales          WAL                                                              RES          2

Parishes & Registration Districts in England & Wales                ENG                                                               RES          14

Part 1 - Quiet Adventures in North America              WLD                                                              HIS           1

Part 2 - Quiet Adventures in North America              WLD                                                              HIS           2

Paths of History in Perth and Huron         CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           7

Pauper's Passports   ENG                                                               RES          9

Pedigree Charts - Index of OGS Huron Members      CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        59

Peel County Cemetery # 5, # 10                  CAN         ONT         PEL                            CEM        1

Pelee Island Then and Now       CAN         ONT         ESS                            HIS           1

Pense Community 1882 - 1982  CAN         SK                                                HIS           1

People of Halton       CAN         ONT         HLT                           HIS           3

Perth County Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1852 - 1859         CAN         ONT         PER                            BMD        7

Perth County Branch, O.G.S.; Members Interest, 1991               CAN         ONT         PER                            IND          1

Perth County Marriages from 1869 - 1872                  CAN         ONT         PER                            BMD        6

Perth County Herald: June 1863-June 1864                CAN         ONT         PER                            BMD        4

Perth County Pioneers               CAN         ONT         PER                            BMD        8

Perth County Extracts From The Brussels Post 1885 - 1896        CAN         ONT         PER                            BMD        10

Peter Robinson's Settlers 1823-1815           CAN         ONT         CRL                           HIS           2

Petworth Emigration Scheme   CAN         ONT                                             HIS           1

Philip Carey              CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        29

Philips 19th Century County Atlas of Ireland             IRL                                                                ATL         3

Photographing Tombstones: Equipment and Techniques                                                                 RES          15

Pine River United Cemetery     CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         CEM        8

Pinehill Cemetery     CAN         ONT         LMB        BOS          CEM        3

Pinery Cemetery       CAN         ONT         LMB        BOS          CEM        7

Pioneer Days in Aldborough , The              CAN         ONT         ELG         ALD         HIS           1

Pioneer Days in Aldborough , The              CAN         ONT         ELG         ALD         HIS           4

Pioneer History of the County of Lanark - A              CAN         ONT         LNK                           HIS           2

Pioneer History of the County of Lanark - A              CAN         ONT         LNK                           HIS           6

Pioneer People and Places of Early Grenville: vol. 4  CAN         ONT         L&G                          HIS           4

Pioneer People and Places of Early Grenville: vol. 1  CAN         ONT         L&G                          HIS           1

Pioneer People and Places of Early Grenville: vol.2   CAN         ONT         L&G                          HIS           2

Pioneer People and Places of Early Grenville: vol.3   CAN         ONT         L&G                          HIS           3

Pioneers and Followers of Idylwild and Witchekan Districts      CAN         SK                                                HIS           2

Pioneers in the Queen Bush       CAN         ONT         B&G                          HIS           3

Pioneers of Upper Canada         CAN         ONT                                             HIS           29

Pioneers of Blanshard , The      CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         HIS           1

Pioneers of the Don  CAN         ONT         YRK                           HIS           2

Pioneers to the Present 1850 -2000             CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          HIS           2

Place and Post Office Names in Huron County           CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           24

Place and Post Office Names in Huron County           CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           25

Place called Motherwell, 1843-1983 , A      CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          HIS           2

Place Names of Ontario             CAN         ONT                                             DIR          17

Places of Worship Before 1900, City of Guelph, Wellington County            CAN         ONT         W&W                        HIS           3

Plympton Townships Rural Cemeteries     CAN         ONT         LMB                          CEM        1

Port Albert: 150 Years               CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         HIS           3

Port Albert; 150 Years               CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         HIS           4

Potter's Field Cemetery; 1826-1855            CAN         ONT         YRK                           CEM        1

Power of the Maitland               CAN         ONT                                             HIS           41

Prairie Prideland: R. M. of Louise             CAN         MAN                                            HIS           17

Prairie W.A.S.P. (Oakland) , The               CAN         MAN                                            HIS           3

Prince Edward Island Genealogical Resources           CAN         PEI                                               RES          1

Prospect Hill Cemetery              CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         CEM        5

Prospect Methodist Cemetery Cairn          CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEM        1

Protestant Cemetery - Walkerton               CAN         ONT         B&G        BRT         CEM        2

Public Record Office, England; Family Fact Sheets   ENG                                                               RES          11

Publish Your Family History                                                          OGS         RES          4

Publish Your Family Tree                                                               OGS         PUB          01

Putting Family History on Video                                                                                        RES          41

Putting Flesh on the Bones   ENG                                                               HIS           4

Queries 1980-2000    CAN         ONT         HUR                           RES          10

Queries 1980-2000    CAN         ONT         HUR                           RES          9

Rapid City: Our Past for the Future          CAN         MAN                                            HIS           11

Ravenswood Cemetery               CAN         ONT         LMB        BOS          CEM        8

Readings in English Genealogical Sources                   ENG                                                               RES          1

Rebellion Losses for U.C.: Victoria, Prince Edward, Newcastle & Colborne Districts                   CAN         ONT         HIS           22

Rebellion Losses for U.C.- Home District  CAN         ONT                                             HIS           23

Rebellion Losses for U.C.- Gore District    CAN         ONT                                             HIS           24

Rebellion Losses for U.C.- Brock and Talbot Districts                 CAN         ONT                                            HIS           25

Rebellion Losses for U.C.- Simcoe District                  CAN         ONT                                             HIS           26

Rebellion Losses for U.C.- Western District                CAN         ONT                                             HIS           27

Rebellion Losses for U.C.- London District                 CAN         ONT                                             HIS           28

Rebellion Losses for Upper Canada: Huron District  CAN         ONT                                             HIS           21

Recollections of Colborne Township; 1967                  CAN         ONT         HUR         COL         HIS           2

Records of Department of Indian Affairs at Library & Archives Canada   CAN                                                               RES          9

Records of Rev. James Grey      CAN         NB                                                BMD        1

Redeemer Lutheran Cemetery  CAN         ONT         PER          LOG         CEM        5

Redgrave Cemetery  CAN         ONT         HUR         HOW       CEM        12

Reflections of West Wawanosh CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           12

Reflections of West Wawanosh CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           11

Reform Lutheran Cemetery      CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        1

Register of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic 1854 - 1890              CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          BMD        3

Register of Members' Interests SCT                                                                RES          5

Register of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic 1854 - 1890              CAN         ONT         HUR         STE          BMD        2

Register of Deceased at Sea and Grosse Ile 1847         CAN                                                               HIS           6

Registers 1821 - 1869 St. Andrews Presbyterian Kingston           CAN         ONT         FRN                           BMD        2

Renewal of a Canadian Port      CAN         ONT         B&G                          HIS           9

Reseach Lectures                                                                              RES          22

Research And Reference Resources in Perth County                   CAN         ONT         PER                            RES          2

Research And Reference Resources in Perth County                   CAN         ONT         PER                            RES          2B

Research Guide for Scotland (Paul Smart)                  SCT                                                                RES          3

Research Reports 1983 - 1997                                                         OGS         RES          37

Research Reports 1983 - 1997                                                         OGS         RES          36

Research Sources in London and Middlesex County  CAN         ONT         MDD                          RES          2

Researching Canadian Land Records        CAN                                                               RES          10

Researching Tour Enflish & Welsh Roots From Afar                  WAL                                                              RES          4

Researching Your Irish Ancestors at Home and Abroad             IRL                                                                RES          2

Reveries of a Pioneer Hibbert and Futlarton              CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          HIS           1

Reveries of a Pioneer: Wallace Township  CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        HIS           1

Reveries of a Pioneer: Elma Township      CAN         ONT         PER          ELM        HIS           1

Reveries of a Pioneer: Perth County          CAN         ONT         PER                            HIS           2

Reveries of a Pioneer: Mornington Township             CAN         ONT         PER                            HIS           3

Revised Cemetery Act 1992       CAN         ONT                                             CEM        3

Ripley and Vicinity History       CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         HIS           1

Ripley Cemetery       CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         CEM        9

Robert Chettleburgh                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        37

Robert Graham’s Indexes to Huron County History Books (CD)                 CAN         ONT         HUR                           IND          3

 Robert's Rules of Order                                                                                     RES          13

Rock Lake Herald    CAN         MAN                                            HIS           9

Roll of Honour WW I Teachers from Huron County                   CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           27

Roman Catholic Marriage Registers in Ontario; 1828-1870        CAN         ONT                                             BMD        51

Roman Catholic Marriage Registers in Ontario; 1828-1870        CAN         ONT                                             BMD        52

Rooting Around Huron 1980 - 2006 (Storeroom Computer- CD)                 CAN         ONT         HUR                           NLR         2

Roots & Remembrance - Jewish Genealogy                                                                      OGS         RES          35

Roots & Branches     CAN         ONT         MDD                          HIS           5

Ross Free Presbyterian Cemetery; Brucefield            CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         CEM        1

Ross Presbyterian Cemetery; Brucefield   CAN         ONT         HUR         STA          CEM        4

Roy's Cemetery        CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEM        1

Roy's Cemetery        CAN         ONT         PER          FUL          CEM        2

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 164 - 1930 - 2000      CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           7

Ryan Taylor Columns - K-W Record                                                                                 RES          25

S.S. #2, West Wawanosh; Account Book, 1911-1931  CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           8

S.S. #2, West Wawanosh; Account Book, 1911-1931  CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           7

S.S.#2, West Wawanosh: Cash Book, 1892-1910         CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           9

S.S.#2, West Wawanosh: Cash Book, 1892-1910         CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           10

Sacred Heart Parish Cemetery CAN         ONT         B&G        CUL         CEM        1

Sacred Heart Cemetery             CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        10

Sacred Heart Cemetery - Walkerton          CAN         ONT         B&G        BRT         CEM        3

Salem Cemetery (South)            CAN         ONT         W&W      MIN         CEM        1

Salem Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery            CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        11

Salem Methodist Cemetery       CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEM        2

Samuel Arthur Cook                  CAN         ONT         HUR                           WWI        43

Sanctuary Park Cemetery - Port Elgin      CAN         ONT         B&G        SAU          CEM        1

Sault Daily Star 1901-1910; Birth Notices , The          CAN         ONT         SSM                           BMD        1

Sault Daily Star; 1901-1910; Death Notices , The       CAN         ONT         SSM                           BMD        3

Sault Daily Star: 1901-1910; Marriage Notices , The CAN         ONT         SSM                           BMD        2

School on Wheels      CAN         ONT         HUR         CLI          HIS           7

School Section 2, West Wawanosh; Nov. 1902-1921   CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           5

School Section 2, West Wawanosh; Nov. 1902-1921   CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           6

Scottish Ancestry Research       SCT                                                                RES          1

Scottish Customs      SCT                                                                RES          15

Scottish Genealogical Research                  SCT                                                                RES          6

Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada 1784 - 1855          SCT                                                                HIS           3

Scottish surnames     SCT                                                                RES          13

Scrapbook News Clippings Seaforth Area 1930-1950's (Kept in Filing Cabinet)          CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           22

Seaforth Beginnings CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           4

Seaforth Beginnings CAN         ONT         HUR         SEA          HIS           3

Searching for your Ancestors in Norfolk County        CAN         ONT         NRF                           RES          1

Searching for a Soldier in the British Army or Canadian Militia                                                                                         RES          19

Searching For Your Ancestors                                                                          RES          7

Searching For Your Ancestors                                                                          RES          8

Sections A, B, and F of St. Marys Cemetery; Rev. ed. 19?           CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         CEM        7

Seminar '98                                                                     OGS         RES          27A

Seminar '98                                                                     OGS         RES          27B

Seminar '99                                                                     OGS         RES          38

Seminar 2000                                                                  OGS         RES          44

Seminar 2001                                                                  OGS         RES          40

Seminar 2002                                                                  OGS         RES          42

Seminar 2003 Syllabus                                                                     OGS         RES          30

Seminar 2004                                                                  OGS         RES          34

Seminar 2005                                                                  OGS         RES          48

Seminar 2010                                                                  OGS         RES          8

Session Report, Brucefield, 1899-1989       CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         HIS           3

Session Report, Brucefield, 1899-1989       CAN         ONT         HUR         TUC         HIS           4

Settlement of Huron County , The              CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           16

Settlement of Huron County , The              CAN         ONT         HUR                           HIS           15

Settlement of Upper Canada, The              CAN         ONT                                             HIS           10

Sim's History of Elgin County Vol. III       CAN         ONT         ELG                           HIS           6

Small But Bountiful: The Rice Lake Story                  CAN         ONT         PTR                            HIS           1

Smith's Canadian Gazetteer 1846               CAN         ONT                                             DIR          8

Smith's Cemetery     CAN         ONT         B&G        CUL         CEM        2

Society of Friends Cemetery     CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEM        3

Some Genealogical Holdings of the Huron County Museum       CAN         ONT         HUR                           RES          4

Some Marriages Involving Huron County Residents - 1858-1869                 CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        6

Some Marriages Involving Huron County Residents - 1858-1869                 CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        7

Some Miscellaneous BMD of Huron County Residents from Ontario Vital Statistics  CAN         ONT         HUR         BMD        33

Some Obituaries of Huron County Residents              CAN         ONT         HUR                           BMD        8

Some Ontario References and Sources       CAN         ONT                                             RES          3

Some Ontario References and Sources       CAN         ONT                                             RES          4

South Huron District High School Year Book 1957    CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           9

South Huron District High School Year Book 1955    CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           8

South Huron District High School Year Book 1957/58                 CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         HIS           10

South Kinloss Cemetery            CAN         ONT         B&G        KIN          CEM        3

Souvenir from Goderich; 1897 , A              CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        HIS           2

Sparling Cemetery   CAN         ONT         PER          BLA         CEM        4

St/ Michael’s RC Cemetery       CAN         ONT         B&G        BRT         CEM        8

St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Cemetery    CAN         ONT         HUR         GRY         CEM        1

St. Andrew's United Church     CAN         ONT         HUR         BAY         HIS           4

St. Augustine Church, 1903-1978                CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       HIS           2

St. Augustine Roman Catholic Cemetery  CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEM        4

St. Boniface Roman Catholic Cemetery; Zurich         CAN         ONT         HUR         HAY         CEM        12

St. Columban Roman Catholic Cemetery  CAN         ONT         PER          HIB          CEM        7

St. Columban BMD - Index       CAN         ONT         PER                            BMD        13

St. Columban BMD - 8 Sections (Kept in Filing Cabinet)            CAN         ONT         PER                            BMD        12

St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Cemetery; Carlsruhe           CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        12

St. George’s Anglican Church - The First 150 Years CAN         ONT         HUR         GDH        HIS           11

St. Helen's Cemetery                  CAN         ONT         HUR         WWA       CEM        5

St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Cemetery; Deemerton   CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        13

St. James Roman Catholic Cemetery         CAN         ONT         HUR         MCK        CEM        1

St. James Methodist Church - Marriages 1896 - 1925 (Storeroom Shelf)     CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         BMD        2

St. James Lutheran Cemetery   CAN         ONT         PER          WAL        CEM        4

St. James Anglican Cemetery '95               CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEM        9

St. James United Church Register, Simcoe " 1858-1899              CAN         ONT         NRF                           BMD        1

St. James Anglican Cemetery    CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEM        1

St. James Methodist Church - Marriages 1896 - 1925 (Storeroom Shelf)     CAN         ONT         HUR         EXE         BMD        3

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (New)      CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        17

St. John's Anglican Funerals     CAN         ONT         ELG                           BMD        2

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran (new) Cemetery       CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        3

St. John’s & St. Peter’s Lutheran Cemeteries            CAN         ONT         B&G        BRT         CEM        5

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery  CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        15

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (Old)        CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        14

St. Joseph Island A Tour and Historical Guide           CAN         ONT         SSM                           HIS           1

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery     CAN         ONT         HUR         HUL         CEM        6

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery     CAN         ONT         HUR         ASH         CEM        7

St. Luke's Anglican Cemetery   CAN         ONT         B&G        HUR         CEM        10

St. Mary's Anglican Cemetery  CAN         ONT         MDD        MCG        CEM        11

St. Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery             CAN         ONT         B&G        CAR         CEM        16

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Cemetery   CAN         ONT         HUR         MOR        CEM        8

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery    CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEM        4

St. Patrick's Cemetery; Holyrood               CAN         ONT         B&G        KIN          CEM        4

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery    CAN         ONT         MDD        BID          CEM        5

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Ellice Township           CAN         ONT         PER                            CEM        1

St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery                 CAN         ONT         B&G        PRO         CEM        1