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Jan Johnstone

For the position of Public School Board Trustee

Address Jan Johnstone
743 Princes Street
Kincardine, ON
N2Z 1Z2.
Contact Phone: 519-396-1467
Occupation Prior to returning to school this fall, Jan worked at the Wingham and District Hospital as the hospital social worker.
Goals Every student matters
Every class matters
Every school matters

They matter for our communities

Jan speaks to the values she holds:

“I believe in quality publicly funded education - an education that allows all students to reach their full potential. Quality education is about the love of learning, equity, opportunity, diversity and accessibility.
As a voice for rural education, I will advocate for:

  • improved classroom and curriculum resources
  • reduction in walking distances
  • community partnerships
  • apprenticeship and co-op programs
  • reduction of user fees, e.g. for student work books
  • ensuring a safe learning and working environment in our schools” (Oct, 2003).

“As a member of the People for Education network, I am familiar with challenges across the province. We’re blessed with the trustees that we have. I consider Jan to be one of the best.” ~ Kevin Larson, former School Council Chair

Experience Jan Johnstone is the current public school trustee. Jan wants to continue representing you at the Bluewater District School Board.
Since 2001, Jan has represented the educational interests of students, parents and the general public.
During very difficult times, Jan and her fellow trustees have been our voice. Showing strong leadership, our team of trustees has worked co-operatively with parents, teachers and community partners.
An accomplishment Jan supported is the growth in apprenticeship and co-op opportunities for our students. Jan endorsed the continued partnership with the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program.
Jan continues to support the efforts of our School Councils and Home and School Associations.
Personal Jan Johnstone has been an area resident since childhood. Before moving back to Kincardine in 2000, Jan and her family lived in Ripley.
Jan and husband Gord, have three children who are, or have all attended public school in Kincardine and Ripley. While in Ripley, Jan was a member of the school council.
Jan continues to be a Home & School member and volunteers at Huron Heights Public School in Kincardine.
Jan has a strong background in education. With a commitment to life long learning, Jan has recently completed (2001) a master’s degree in social policy analysis, and she is currently working as a doctoral candidate in education.

“Jan has been an invaluable representative at the board level and is the voice of reason. She always puts our kids first.” ~ Gail Walden, Past President, Elgin Market Public School Home and School Association