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Multi-Service Technician (Not Currently Hiring)

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The Service Technician reports to the Assistant Manager – Telecom Services and participates in carrying out corrective and preventative maintenance of all inside and outside plant and Company provided terminal equipment so as to ensure that adequate and satisfactory telecommunications services are provided to the Company's customers. The incumbent also installs Company provided terminal equipment including telephones, network cabling, business systems and performs plant construction work. All duties are performed using sound judgement and the exercise of good workmanship, efficient use of time, and the use of safe techniques and practices.

A Service Technician must consult plans, manuals, and technical specifications as part of the installation process, then, using power and hand tools to connect wires, equipment, and hardware, completes the job.  A Service Technician, responds to calls, diagnoses the problem and completes the repair. Service Technicians may be dealing directly with customers, so it's important to be courteous and professional.  This position operates under the broad administrative supervision of the Supervisor – Installation and Repair.

Installing, arranging, removing, and maintaining telecom equipment, wiring, and associated hardware. Installation and repair includes some or all of the following duties:

  • installing, arranging, removing, and maintaining telecom equipment, wiring, and associated hardware
  • installing, arranging, removing, and maintaining high-speed internet access equipment and specialized wiring for data transmission
  • testing installed telephone systems to locate transmission faults
  • repairing or replacing defective and damaged telephones, wires, and associated equipment.

Switch network installation and repair including some or all of the following duties:

  • installing electromechanical, analog, and digital systems, circuits, and equipment in telecommunications central offices and switching centres, including, routers and other equipment related to telephone, data and internet services
  • inspecting and testing systems, circuits and equipment
  • analyzing test results and adjusting, changing, or repairing switching system and associated equipment.

Telecommunications service testing including some or all of the following duties:

  • operating computerized testing systems to conduct service tests on customer lines and equipment
  • determining the nature, cause, and location of service trouble
  • initiating the dispatch of appropriate repair personnel
  • completing test reports and maintaining test and service records
  • assisting repair personnel to test lines, circuits, and systems, isolate and clear cable faults, and verify records.

Telecommunications equipment installation and repair includes some or all of the following duties:

  • installing, removing, and maintaining various telecommunications equipment and related systems such as fax machines, mobile radios, cellular telephones, and other related telecommunications equipment
  • inspecting and testing operation of telecommunications equipment
  • diagnosing and locating equipment faults, and adjusting, replacing, or repairing telecommunications equipment.

Workers are responsible for some or all of the following duties:

  • installing, removing, maintaining, and repairing aerial (on poles) and underground telephone lines, cables, and associated hardware
  • installing and set-up of high-speed internet service
  • transferring of circuits from one cable to another
  • splicing and repairing various types and sizes of telephone and other cables, including single line, coaxial, and fibre optic
  • inspecting and testing lines and cables for transmission characteristics and to locate faults, and analyzing and recording test results
  • climbing and working aloft on poles, ladders, or other support structures or working in confined spaces such as trenches, tunnels, and crawl spaces
  • communicating with other workers to co-ordinate the preparation and completion of work assignments assisting in the erection and removal of poles, and associated support structures.


Minimum of 3

Closing Date: No Closing Date Specified

We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those selected will be contacted for an interview.
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